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Another grey day? No thanks, colorful interiors to lift the spirits.

Room with blue and orange swan chairs

Modenus is proud to be international. We feature wonderful furniture and accessories from the USA, Latin America, Europe  and elsewhere. We love it when American designers fall in love with quirky products from Europe and are rightly proud of the traffic in the opposite direction. We even have an office in Brighton, the South coast seaside town proclaimed as Britain’s hippest city. This means, every now and then, we are greeted with the occasional mention that, in November, on a Northern European Island, it’s another wet, grey day. When it’s wet and grey outside maybe its time for a splash of colour indoors?

So why does this room work so well? The color is cleverly used in zones, the powder blue swan chair with its blue light shade and the orange with its orange shade, the sofa with its blue and yellow pillows draws your eye to the blue piano and across to the chair. The yellow desk and light echo the yellow on the pillows and the yellow accessories near the window. Rhythm and balance used in a most artful composition make this room work, don’t you agree?

Blue room with blue floors and walls

Missing blue skys? How about a blue room? It works thanks to those tiny spots of contrast, the white on the rugs and lights, the touch of green and the splash of orange. The blue floorboards, and that’s brave, work thanks to being several shades lighter than the walls. Would you feel blue in a room like this?

White room with low ceiling

Confronted with a small or difficult space with a low ceiling  its always worth considering plenty of white. Contrasted with bright splashes of red and orange its stylish, lively and sunny even when it isn’t.

kitchen with pink cabinets

Pink kitchen cabinets probably aren’t most people’s first choice but teamed with dark doors for floor level cabinets, patterned wallpapers and, I believe, my favourite ever Smeg five hob gas range with wok burner, it really works. Three other observations – first, those hanging pots and pans are such a great space saving trick providing, a) your pots look good, b) your pots aren’t cast iron monstrosities which bring the ceiling down, this said from bitter experience. Final observation, if you do paint your cabinets pink don’t feel obliged to only shop at grocers which provide bags with logos which match your color scheme!

White rooms with Marion picture

We’re not going to re-run the great white floor board debate here.  We just want to point out how black and white with a splash of color really work. We love the view through those lovely doorways to the iconic brightness of Marion’s lips with their matching frame.. Other things of note, the darker wood on the chairs flanking the door really anchors the design and the way the white chair in the background gives just the right amount of asymmetry to keep the dynamic. Not so wild abut the ornate wood burning stove and chimney but not sure how we would of dealt with it. Paint it maybe? Any thoughts?

White room with spiral stairs

If its not those awkward wood burning stoves its the microwave, there’s always something that doesn’t quite fit.  Actually without some very clever interior design work there would have been lots of things that didn’t quite fit. A cast iron spiral staircase is never the easiest thing to deal with when you are trying to open up a relatively narrow space. But here with the white walls, dark floor and splashes of colour it works beautifully. A couple of other points, floor to ceiling well thumbed paperback books look friendly, natural and inviting. We still come across people selling fake leather book fronts – someone must be buying them. And those splashes of colour are provided by relatively small elements, a light, some pillows. Cheering up a monotone room doesn’t have to mean committing yourself or your client to scary expensive color furniture.

Bedroom with green

Going green in the bedroom? Now that could be the headline in a modern woman’s magazine. The trick seems to be to really go for it in places, green cabinet against a green wall with green floating shelves and give yourself some breathing space with contrasting white walls, light and floor.

Purple chair and picture on white wallAnd finally, for now, a splash of color with a single picture and the ever classic Togo. Their brilliance is highlighted by the dark floor and the stark white wall. And that’s our answer to grey wet days, get some color in your life.

The images on this blog are taken from the Soderberg agentur website which features, amongst other things, the work of Swedish stylists Catherine Vaindorf, Jakob Solgren, Mikael Beckman and Sara Sjögren. We thank them for the inspiration.

And, if you are interested, on this dark November day Brighton is sunny with blue skies, thank you very much.

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