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                                                             COSMOPOLITAN GLASS SAMPLES

Candy store time…or that is how I felt upon entering the premises of the Cosmopolitan Glass Company on a recent visit with a client looking for some thing cool and great for their kitchen. This is definitely an OMG place for an interior designer. You best keep an open mind when you go there because you are going to see things done with glass that will stretch your imagination way out there…and then I guarantee that you will work your dezign brain to figure out how you can incorporate something  from Cosmopolitan into your next design project.

                                                                DIOR STORE IN MANHATTAN

Run by the beautiful and elegant designer Lillian Gorbachincky, Cosmopolitan Glass has every type of glass product for the architectural and design community you could possibly imagine. Color, texture, metallic, chipped, laminated, sustainable, electric…everything and anything that can be done with glass can be accomplished by this talented company.
                                                           COSMOPOLITAN GLASS AT DYPTYQUE
Have you ever walked past the Dior Building in Manhattan on East 57th Street?  Well, all of that fabulous glass on the facade, and inside the store was made right here. Cosmopolitan is definitely the go to source for product inspiration and manufacturing of those gorgeous glass facades and interiors being utilized today by the top architects and interior designers.
                                                                           VIVALDI GLASS
The range of glass products they have designed and  developed, and patented, runs the gamut from the ordinary (not literally, of course) like stained glass, carved glass, color glass and antique mirror to the exotic, like cracked glass, outrageous laminated glass patterns and huge faceted glass panels…all done up in colors and patterns like you have never seen before.
                                                                            LAMICAST GLASS
Let’s see, there is the WA:SHI glass which is  composed of handmade Japanese parchment ensconced between two or more pieces of glass and simply the most perfect idea for shower doors, table tops or seven back splashes!

                                                                              SELESTA GLASS

Then there is Selesta Glass,  a glass produced with random air bubbles, and available in a marvelous array of colors…think table tops, doors, cabinetry!
                                                                                 CARVED GLASS
AND there is the textured Vivaldi Glass and the Natura Glass with actual organic  materials…think straw, cork, leather, flowers. I think they can put just about anything between two pieces of laminated glass.
                                                                                        FOTO GLASS
THE MOST PHENOMENAL DESIGNS are the ‘one-offs’ created for individual architectural or design projects.  Cosmopolitan  has a thick chipped edge glass with a textured gold leaf backing that would make a breathtaking dining room table. Then there is a thick cracked glass in purple and gold that is jewel like in its presentation.  AND then there is glass with poetry written on it…how clever…and big chunks of clear glass interspersed with gold and silver leaf  encased between glass panels that is jaw dropping. The list goes on and on!

                                                                                   FABRIC GLASS

They also make glass furniture, like vanities and sinks and consoles and tables and shelving, out of their products and can provide the metal fabrication to go along, if needed. My client and I were drooling over a cobalt blue striated glass that we wanted to make into a powder room vanity and Gorbachincky was quick to show us how she could do it for us.

                                                                CRACKED PURPLE AND GOLD GLASS

I  could go on forever but I am sure you are already finding the pictures of the different types of glass totally mesmerizing. All you have to do is dream it up and Cosmopolitan will create it out of glass for you.


Most Important Fact: The staff, and especially Lillian, are extremely helpful and you will  find your experience working with Cosmopolitan Glass entirely ‘triple A’!

Florence von Pelet

Florence is a senior editor at Modenus.com. Aside from her natural passion for interiors, kitchens and baths Florence also leads the way on Modenus’ BlogTours around the world so please follow her on Twitter to get the latest information and inspiration about design trends from around the world.


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