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A treasure trove of fearless design – Skitsch

Sack red - Marc Sadler at Skitsch

It seems talented designers have found a platform in Skitsch, that will allow them to do what they do best, go out on a limb and design their hearts out. And now, with a second flagship showroom open in London, the Milan based company is bound to get a lot more buzz from the Design community. The mantra is to make cutting edge design accessible, so let’s curl up on the red sack sofa above and see what they’ll come up with. We’re told there are no rules for inspiration and with that anyway, we wholeheartedly agree.

Cuir lounge - Palomba Serafini at Skitsh

The cuir lounge by Palomba Serafini.

Dahlia Violet - Allessandra Baldereschi at Skitsh

The Dahlia Violet Lamp by Alessandra Baldereschi, one of our favourite Skitsch designers, is made of 16 polycarbonate petals and steel.

Ics by Marc Sadler  at Skitsh

The ICS table by Marc Sadler is a suspension glass piece, connected by steel cables.

Primavera-Alessandra Baldereschi at Skitsh

And again Alessandra Baldereschi, playful as always in a design world that is often defined by glass and steel, the Primavera cabinet. We love it so much, here’s a close-up:

Primaver at Skitsch

Now that is hardware detail you don’t find every day. Which one is the actual door pull or are they all? Brava Alessandra and well done to Skitsch for embracing creativity without trying to stifle it. We look forward to seeing more.

  • http://www.skitsch.com Gary Mack

    Fantastic article. Thank you Modenus for spreading the word about Skitsch.

  • admin

    No trouble. We love Skitsch and think it’s great what they’re doing in bringing artisans together. Hope we see them on Midenus soon.

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