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A silver lining with lots of umlauts – vintage Scandinavian jewelry by Gra

silver rings

On a recent visit, no, a pilgrimage really to Tom Dixon’s new Portobello Dock shop, we not only discovered more of Tom’s own collection but were happy to see he’s ganged up with a curated collection of “concession brands” (Tom can we dispense with that term please? It sounds like they’re selling hot dogs!). One of them is Grå, a collection of vintage Scandinavian jewelry from the late 60′s to early 70′s that has to be very au courant with the current Mad Men craze. With or without craze and despite the fact that we usually keep to design of interiors we had to create a quick little blog because this collection is all about design, all about style and stopped me in my tracks. The ring above is by Bjorn Weckstrom who says about his work:

“A piece of jewelry is a miniature sculpture with the human body in the background. When I first began in the early 1960s, I wanted to turn jewelry design into small-scale form of art and raise its profile on a par with that of modern sculpting…”

ca. 1969 and available for £950. vintage silver bracelet

Another, later, piece by Bjorn Weckstrom is this bracelet which is ca. 1974 and available for £750.

vintage silver bracelet

This armring is ca. 1960, available for £450 and sleek enough to have been designed yesterday. Quite humbling to look at style icons of the late 60′s and 70′s especially for a girl that was first really exposed to design in the 80′s, if there was any.

vintage silver watch

And one of the most stunning watches I have ever seen by Torun Bülow-Hübe of whom I am adding a picture because she is just so very Mad Men.

torun bulow hube


silver ring vintage

And finally, ca 1970, this classic piece by Bengt Hallberg which is available for £450. If there’s anyone out there who needs any last minute gift ideas for me, leave a comment and I’ll private message you my mailing address.

  • Anonymous

    I do not understand the design of this jewellery. Its looks unique but it is not so good as loo wise. I think its different than other jewellery. 

    love letter

  • http://www.diamondguide.com.au/ diamond guide

    I completely agree,
    great aricle! I’m glad I stumbled across this website!


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