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A fresher splash – outdoor showers

Island Style Shower on Rittenhouse.

Once upon a time I found myself driving an ancient SAAB from London to the South of France.  Somewhere after the interminable traffic jam and old car induced cramps we found ourselves in a rest area filled with traditional french delights of red wine, cheese and, most memorably, alfresco showers. English reserve and most of our clothes set aside we followed the other weary travelers to stand under  the cool, refreshing rain heads and, ever since, have wondered why there aren’t more outdoor showers.

Well, climate may of course be an issue. But in the UK we seem to be having longer, warmer summers and in parts of the US the occasional cool shower would be a blessed relief as well. Some of the products below simply need plugging into a hose pipe (that’s a water hose to American folks, I believe). And if you want the luxury of warm water you can install against the outside wall of a kitchen or bathroom, and then plumbing is simple. You do need to think about where to drain all that soapy water, standard drain-aways probably won’t be suitable. And if you want to install a little further away there may be a spot of ingenuity and digging involved. But where there is a will there is a way and we promise you, once you get the outdoor shower habit you will soon discover your own level of modesty, or lack of it.

We found the Island Style Shower on Rittenhouse. 78″ tall it works with hot and cold water and has a misting feature that we rather like the sound of.

Island Style Shower on Rittenhouse.

There is a danger that this will turn into one of those blogs.

WellWell shower

And this is an interesting variation on a theme. The jets of the WellWell push the water up to head height. A tap that can be operated with bare feet, regulates the height of the water jets.
It connects to the garden hose and requires minimum water pressure (2kg)for what the manufacturers describe as ‘maximum pleasure’.
WellWell is maintenance free. L 47 x l 15 x h 11 cm, made out of robinia wood and aluminium this is probably the most discrete of all the designs.

cascade shower

From the same manufacturers, Cascade is more traditional but just as sleek. It is made out of  galvanised steel and acacia wood base planks.
A discreet tap on the vertical tube regulates the shower’s pressure and the overhead horizontal tube provides a sheer  curtain of water supplied by a garden hose via a quick connector. And in case you were wondering, we don’t have his number.

under the tree shower

We also like Under the Tree by Conmoto. This one has a spike as a base, so you simply stick it into the ground, plug it in, strip off and get wet. Here it is demonstrated by, er, sorry, no idea who she is either.

Viteo shower

And finally, this is from Viteo, a company we want to know more about. Once again it just plugs into a garden hose. You step onto the button in the middle of the base and a jet of water shoots somewhere exciting. The bunny head is optional, we guess. For other people with other animal heads you will need to check out their site. We’re just off into the garden with an old watering can.


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