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Seeing in color: I FEEL RED TODAY by Marilyn G. Russell

Knowing how to design with color is an art form and guest blogger Marilyn G. Russell has just the right inspiration for us.
While some people are afraid of color, some are even more afraid of the color Red. Red is a vibrant stimulating color. While Red excites the soul and garners energy, it also commands attention; notice the red carpet in Hollywood, Santa Claus’ Red suit, China’s Red flag, or those lovely Red Roses.
However, when applying Red to any interior space, careful thought and planning should direct its placement.

This monochromatic dining room by New York designer, Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, uses Red in this dining room to stimulate the appetite. Though, this application of Red may be too much for some.

Interior Designer, Betsy Burnham, injects a splash of energy with the red chair and complimentary red accessories in this modern color scheme. The first piece noticed in this room is the red chair. If you want to draw attention to an item, use an eye-catching contrasting color such as red. Spot light the item, neon sign, bling, etc. ~ ahh, you get the point.

Another dining room setting with splashes of Red. Room by Interior Designer, Wendy Blount. Again, Red is fitting for this room as it stimulates that appetite. Notice the eye-catching chandelier and the red fruit above the fireplace.

This energetic boderline-retro guest room by Interior Designer, Jill Van Tosh, screams glamour and is perfect for a short night’s visit.

Interior Designer, Andrew Frank, creates a vivid complimentary color scheme using Red and Green; its opposite on the color wheel. Notice the chairs; a toned-red creatively pulls in the green color via its colorful print.

Overall Red is not an unfriendly color when used appropriately.

Submitted  by guest blogger Marilyn G. Russell

  • Marilyn G Russell

    What a great way to start the Month. Thanks Modenus!


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