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Little houses make a big impact – micro homes from Dwelle

Micro Homes by Dwelle

How much fun can you have in 24 square meters? Or, if you don’t want to take up that much space there is a smaller version which takes up just 13 square meters? UK Manchester based architects Dwelle produce these gorgeous little structures which pack in more than you could imagine. Originally the company was called “Sheds for living” but later re-branded, wisely we think, as Dwelle, making their little abodes Dwelle.ings.

Intended to be ‘off grid’ and carbon zero, they can come with wood burning stoves or renewable energy sources such as solar panels and you can, should you wish, connect them to main utilities.

Inside Micro Home by Dwelle

Inside it’s up to you how you use the space. Dwell suggest one use as a ‘granny flat’. Probably not in this configuration. I can’t see my granny making it up that ladder. That said, what a great place to put a teenager, especially at the bottom of a very big garden. Of course other uses would include guest accommodations, auxiliary office space and children’s play place. Lucky children.

Micro Home by DwelleHere’s a version which Dwelle are preparing as a home Gym, to be clad in Oak and positioned next to a ‘natural swimming pool’, which I think we call a pond, or maybe a lake, depending on grandeur.

The buildings are prefabricated and delivered in flat packs. Dwelle say the components are all light enough to be handled by two people. They don’t say if an Allen Key is included. They are very serious about sustainability and ensure that windows are double glazed and insulation is as good as it reasonably can be. They also recommend that the components are delivered by bio-diesel truck. This suggests that distribution to the US is unlikely but maybe some sort of franchise or local production may be possible one day?

In the meantime, congratulations to Dwelle who won the UK Small House of the Year award and our gratitude for sparking our imagination.

  • http://www.jamiesoninteriors.com Michelle Jamieson

    I am captivated by books, articles and shows that have anything to do with making good use of small spaces! As a society, we have lost our creativity when it comes to making due with the smaller space we have…. bigger is NOT always better! I prefer smaller and simpler, but making it a more beautiful and livable space! Thanks so much for sharing this article with us! Michelle Jamieson / Michelle Jamieson Interiors

  • admin

    Well I hoped you were following one of our “blogoffs” from letsblogoff.com which was all about small living. We have lost creativity and in many ways have developed a sense of entitlement to huge spaces that no other society on the planet seem to require to be happy. In light of the current economic climate I wonder why builders don’t turn this to their advantage and create cool small spaces, that are cheap to build, efficient to maintain and make their owners less of a “property slave”. I’m with you Michelle.

  • http://leberpr.com carrie leber

    this looks really inviting (and easy to clean)

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