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Warren Bobrow’s New Year’s Eve cocktail hour – The French 75

Mixologist, food & wine connoisseur and friend of Modenus, Warren Bobrow, brings us our final post for the year. He captured this wonderful moment over the Delaware River in Lambertville NJ.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 Warren!

This year, I have the opportunity to devise a cocktail that mirrors the passion that says New Year’s Eve. What better time to tip the hat to the French for inventing the French 75- The classic ingredients vary, one thing is for certain it contains sparkling wine. I’ve mixed up the classic quite a bit with winter citrus fruits. These include charred orange, tangerine, clementine and lime- juice.

The classic rendition, according to legend is quite potent. My version is no less intense- so please be careful. You wouldn’t want to be wandering the streets blind drunk before the bell tolls Happy New Year on the stroke of midnight!

The Cocktail Whisperer’s rather twisted French 75.5.

Ingredients to make four – cacophonous cocktails:

6 oz sparkling wine

4 shots of white whiskey

2 shots botanical gin, like Bulldog or Hendrick’s

Couple of shots of cocktail bitters (your choice)

Seared orange, tangerine, clementine and limes. Two of each. Juice after grilling and reserve


To a cocktail shaker fill ½ with ice

Add white whiskey, the gin and the charred juices

Shake and strain into a Champagne glasses

Top with sparkling wine and sip to your heart’s content, but do so very, very carefully!

Happy New Year!!!


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