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Warren Bobrow’s Cocktail Hour: The Chestnut Plank Punch

The “Chestnut Plank” Punch

With Thanksgiving now behind us, I give thanks for my voice to be included on the pages of Modenus. It is because of Modenus that I have developed my voice and through this honor- I’ve influenced the drinking of many others. It is because of the unique style and passion that Veronika Miller brings to the pages of Modenus that I am able to utilize this design centric forum.

Veronika should be commended for having the foresight to include my cocktail recipes and stories within the pages of Modenus. That indeed is artistic creativity on her part. Thank you V…

We all like to relax at the end of a tough week. In my case, it has been a tough several months. Hopefully something will give soon.

We are lucky to have good health, good family and friends surrounding us. We also will enjoy some great cocktails during the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

This week’s cocktail is more a punch for ease of service. It will slake the thirsts of at least ten of your friends and then some. It has the spark of the summer, mixed with the depth of the coming winter. Please enjoy the “Chestnut Plank” Punch!

1 large bottle of dark rum (1.75 size)

½ bottle of Roasted Chestnut Liqueur from Italy

1 Qt. Freshly squeezed lemonade (sweetened with agave instead of sugar)

½ Qt. Freshly squeezed Pineapple juice with chunks of a fresh pineapple

4 bottles of Ginger Beer

Freshly grated nutmeg


To a punch bowl add the dark rum, the chestnut liqueur, the lemonade and the juices. Stir to combine, add 4 bottles of ginger beer, add a large hunk of ice (order this at your local ice house) and finally grate some fresh nutmeg over the top. Serve to your appreciative guests.

Note from Veronika: The pleasure and gratitude is all mine Warren. I cannot thank you enough for your weekly posts and have to say that they’ve not only added tremendous value to Modenus Blog, but you’ve created a following for yourself and have quickly become an institution on Modenus. Seeing you create and “design” with drinks gave me a lot to think about. Design is everywhere, in how we live, eat, drink, the technologies we use (and often take for granted) and many of the well designed things in our lives are there because someone cared enough to create them. And it is this extraordinary care that you’ve so creatively displayed in your weekly recipes, despite things not having been easy for you, that inspires me to do better and to care more. Thank you.


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