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TGIF: Warren Bobrow’s cocktail hour – Celtic Dream Cocktail

I receive so many interesting liquors at home recently.  There isn’t a day that goes by that some incredible new liquor is delivered for my tasting pleasure.  This makes my taste buds jump up and down with glee!

I love gin – perhaps the flavors of freshly cut herbs, juniper and citrus are the most intriguing factor of my desire.  Plus, gin is pure pleasure on the palate.

According to its makers, Caorunn is more than a gin. It is a perfectly balanced, super-premium small batch Scottish Gin, Infused with hand-picked botanicals, inspired by Celtic tradition;

  • One part rowan berry
  • One part heather
  • One part bog myrtle
  • One part dandelion
  • One part Coul blush apple

Today’s cocktail is a little bit of Gin, a bit of freshly pressed apple juice and a splash of the new(ish) spirit known as Root.  What is Root?  Root is USDA Certified Organic Root Tea.  But what is Root Tea?  Quite simply, Root tea is the alcoholic precursor to Root Beer.  I’ve found through my means of discovery that Root tea is quite pronounced alone in a drink.  But added to an aromatic gin like Caorunn, it becomes even more desirable.  There is a mysterious quality to Root and when Caorunn Gin is added to the mix?  It’s unidentifiable where the woody flavor comes from.  If you didn’t look at the color, you’d never know where the flavors hail from.

I’ve always loved the other Scottish Gin named Hendrick’s. It’s going to be tough to figure out which Gin I prefer. Since I write for so many spirits companies, let’s just say I like them both for their unique qualities.

Celtic Dream Cocktail



  • To a cocktail shaker, add the Caorunn Gin, the Root Tea and the Royal Rose Syrup
  • Add the apple juice and the Bitter End Thai Bitters exactly 5 drops!
  • Shake and strain into a tall rocks glass with fresh ice and top with Q-Tonic Water



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