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Warren Bobrow the Cocktail Whisperer: Templeton Rye

Better Water w/Mavea

I’ve discovered over the past year that better water is possible.  How?  With the Mavea “Inspired Water” pitcher that’s how.  But how can a plastic container with a filter really give better water?  Don’t I have to boil it first?

No… You do not.   What the Mavea system does, is it unlocks the potential for better drinking water!  The filter is proprietary.  I can’t tell you what’s inside.  Let’s just say that it’s magic!

From the sleek design of the “Made in Germany” filtration system to the soft in the mouth-feel as it caresses your palate, the Mavea is a must have if you’re serious about your water.

I just got a bottle of Templeton Rye Whiskey.  It says right on the label, The Good Stuff.  Rumor has it that Al Capone had a few bottle of this whiskey smuggled into jail for his enjoyment.  I tend to think this is so.  Templeton is the good stuff.  It’s like a liquid rye bread sandwich.  In this case, the sandwich is corned beef, chopped chicken livers, Cole Slaw and Russian dressing.  I’m fascinated by this sandwich and every time I enjoy one, all I can think about is Rye Whiskey!

Is there something about Rye Whiskey that just screams out for the saltiness of corned beef?  Or the sweet, savory flavor of chopped chicken livers?

I’m going to have to test this theory soon.

Down in Newark, NJ is a most unconventional deli.  The name is Hobby’s.  It’s in the former Jewish Ghetto.  Now it’s just the ghetto.  You can visit in the daylight hours.  Don’t go at night, they’re not open.

Plus, it’s just not safe to venture down here at night.  There is no reason for you to go at night.  Trust me.

Hobby’s is one of two remaining Jewish delis in Newark, NJ.

Sad really, but still delicious after all these years.

I go there and usually enjoy a Dr. Browns Cel-Ray soda.  Do you think they would mind if I added some Templeton’s Rye Whiskey to my Dr. Brown’s Soda?

There is something to be said for enjoying a sandwich and a drink.  Don’t you agree?

Templeton’s Rye Whiskey is gorgeous stuff.  Fat in the mouth, a long- rich finish.  Sharp and cinnamon stick shaved over the toasted grains in the mid-section.  Can you tell I love it?


I If you asked me, I’d make sure that the ice that I use was made using the Mavea pitcher.  It’s that important!

Templeton Rye

A fast and easy cocktail for your Rye Whiskey

“The Good Stuff” and Cel-Ray Soda from Dr. Brown’s


Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray

Templeton Small Batch Rye

Mavea “Inspired Water” Ice


Place a couple of Mavea “inspired water” ice cubes in a glass


2 oz. Templeton’s Rye

4 oz. Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray Soda

Drink to one of the best tasting sandwiches anywhere in the world.

And if you are taking a drink, make sure that you’re enjoying Templeton Rye.

If you can get yourself this glass do so!











Warren’s first book, Apothecary Cocktails is being published by Quayside/Rockport in November 2013 for the Xmas season. He has published over three hundred articles on everything from cocktail mixology to restaurant reviews in NJ Monthly Magazine. (Served Raw, Drinking in America, DrinkGal.com, Bluewater Vodka, Purity Vodka, Botran Rum, Orleans Apple Aperitif, Marie Brizard, Art in the Age: Root, Snap, Rhuby, Hendricks Gin, Sailor Jerry Rum, Tuthilltown Spirits, Bitter Cube, Bitter Truth, Bitter End-Bitters, Bitters, Old Men…etc. etc.)
He’s written food articles and news for Edible Jersey, Chutzpah Magazine, NJ Monthly, Serious Eats, Daily Candy (Philadelphia) Rambling Epicure (Geneva, Switzerland)
Warren is the cocktail writer/mixologist for Foodista. He is a former trained chef who began as a dishwasher/potscrubber. He has also bar-tended at the four star Ryland Inn, located in NJ.
Warren is the On-Whiskey Columnist for Okra Magazine in New Orleans.
He is also a Ministry of Rum judge.
Warren is a self-taught photojournalist and shoots with the venerable Leica M8.

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