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Wright & Teague, handmade jewellery from London

I would like to buy everyone their Christmas presents from Wright and Teague. Gary Wright and Sheila Teague say they started their partnership back in 1984. I would swear blind that I can remember their jewelry from before then. But I also remember them making very funky, entertaining pieces from rubber and plastic. Also, was there a store in the, then, less than glamorous Exmouth Market on the edge of London’s East End? It was a long time ago and they have come a very long way.

Handmade gold jewellery from Wright & Teague, London

Handmade, modern gold jewellery from Wright & Teague, London

The very grown up version of  Wright & Teague works in precious metals, gold, silver and platinum, creating and exhibiting their  jewelry in a very upmarket gallery in London’s Burlington Arcade, Mayfair.

There is, however, nothing stuffy or self-consciously traditional about their work. The same playfully creative spark that set them apart almost three decades ago is still there and, if anything, stronger.

They say they are “… inspired, aesthetically and intellectually by the premier role enjoyed by jewellery in all societies, tribal, modern and ancient; its deep rooted spiritual connection to ritual and heritage.” That works for us.

Handmade, modern, rings by Wright & Teague, London

Handmade, modern, jewellery by Wright & Teague, London

If you are lucky to be nearby, call into their gallery and you will receive the same warm greeting and genuine interest regardless of whether you are buying a pair of cuff links, a pair of ear rings or, as I wish, presents for all of your friends.

Images from Wright and Teague.




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