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TGIF: Warren Bobrow’s cocktail hour – Snappy Heartthrob Cocktail

Yesterday it was nearly 80 degrees, today, pouring rain and barely 60.  How can a guy get a break on this crazy fall weather?

I need the drink known as a toddy to act as my fall Warmer.   What is a toddy?  Well, a toddy is a cocktail, served hot.  I use the ravishingly delicious liquor from my friend Adam Seger named HUM.  What is HUM?  It’s a delightful, rum based drink created from the flavors of Hibiscus, Ginger, Cane Sugar, Cardamom and Kaffir Lime.  Hum’s unique flavor profile is based on the elegant Hibiscus flower.  Have you ever see a Hibiscus flower dropped into a glass of champagne?  Have you marveled at the flower as it undulates with the bubbles, opening and closing in a symphony of color, shape and form?  Hibiscus has a sensual floral flavor that is almost (as the Japanese say it) Umami in the pleasurable textures and mysterious aromatics.  Adam has harnessed the power and simplicity of the Hibiscus flower into this tasty liquor.  Where can you find Hum?  Click here!

This drink is served woven into a cup of hot Jasmine tea.  Why Jasmine?  The smoky, floral elements of the Jasmine tea are timeless and deeply flavored.    I also use a liquor named Snap, the USDA Certified Organic Ginger Snap liquor (80 Proof!) from Art in the Age out of Philadelphia. What is Snap?  Snap is similar to a German Lebkuchen or Ginger Snap cookie, in a liquid format, with the warming power and the kick from the neutral grain spirits.   It is fall in a glass! My friend Steven Grasse invented it from a childhood memory of these spicy cookies.

In addition to the Snap and Hum, along with the Jasmine tea, I’ve added a bit of the Thai Bitters from Bitter End.  These hand-made cocktail bitters combine lime leaf and other powerful botanicals and herbs in their flavor driven mix.  Don’t go overboard with them.  They are profoundly spicy! Each recipe makes two STRONG cocktails


  • 3 Shots Snap (USDA Certified Organic) Liquor
  • 2 Shots Hum Botanical Liquor
  • Pot of Jasmine tea  (you can also make this cocktail iced, just add ice)
  • Bitter End Thai Bitters
  • Freshly squeezed lime- juice (about a ¼ cup)


  • In a cocktail shaker combine the lime- juice, ice, three or four drops of the Bitter End Thai Bitters, the Snap and the Hum
  • Add the liquors to a pot of Jasmine Tea or serve on the rocks should you desire.

Why not drop a couple of round, rolled Jasmine flowers into the cup?  They will open up and will certainly get better over the time that it takes to drink this warming concoction.

Warren Bobrow


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