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BlogTour’s official robes: Turkish Towel Company wrapped in luxury

It took two years to develop the perfect robe. And make no mistake, anyone who is lucky enough to own one will tell you, the Waffle Robe from The Turkish Towel Company is the perfect robe. The company, already known for its luxury towels and robes, developed the new robe in its own facilities in the towel-making region of Denizli, Turkey. The secret, and indeed the difficulty, lies in the combination of an elegant waffle weave on the exterior with a cozy terry interior with both sides of the fabric reacting to heat in the same way.

But already I am getting far too technical. As the lucky BlogTourNYC bloggers, who are the beneficiaries of the great largess and generosity of the Turkish Towel company, will testify, slipping one on is liable to induce sheer bliss and maybe even a tiny degree of smugness.  Mind you, none of them were brave enough to be photographed in their robes so this picture from The Turkish Towel company will have to do for now. And that is yet another reason to say thank you to The Turkish Towel Company. You, and your two years developing this robe, are very much appreciated.

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