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STATE OF THE BLOG – SURVEY: Share your three favorite design blogs

Design Bloggers. They’re a tireless army of designers, writers, journalist, stylists, PR folks and other industry experts who want to share their thoughts, report about design events and most often, offer inspiration. They’re also a growing crowd of people who have taken the initiative to try something new, who are not sitting around waiting for the economy to magically change back to where it was but who are reaching out to meet peers, maybe attract clients or possibly even turn this blogging thing into a means to earn a living. Blogs are fast, easy and cheap to set up, which is why there are tens of thousands of design blogs alone but they’re not fast, easy and cheap to maintain. Writing daily blogs or at least posting several times a week is hard work especially for those who will go out and look for original content and invest their time, heart, soul, humor and knowledge to create pieces that inspire and make us, as avid blog readers, come back for more, again and again. And it’s those blogs we want to hear about. Share with us your favorite blogs, large or small, famous or not, we’d love to know what inspires you.

We will be posting the results on Modenus.com once the survey closes on July 5, 2011 and may even have an awfully cool surprise for the Top 5 favorite blogs in the lineup.

So, what are your three favorites? Leave a comment below.

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