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Oh so very delicious: Ice cream sandwiches, a thing for Housewives and some very cool wallpaper – Tracy Hiner

modern wallpaper in pink and green paint

This week’s favorite Tweep is no stranger to Modenus. We wrote about this little birdie way back in May and then flew to New York to ICFF just to meet her. The birdie we speak of is Tracy Hiner, her company is Black Crow Studios and her gig is to take the general concept of wallpaper, punk it out and then make it stick on the wall. There is a lot of creative wallpaper out there right now but Tracy and her design team take it several steps further. We love the creativity of this world-of-wallpaper-wunderkind but what we love even more is her infectious niceness. She’s sweet, she’s funny and she’s rocking the design world like it’s nobody’s business with numerous appearances on the TODAY show, OPEN HOUSE NYC and lots of press wherever she goes.

Tell us about yourself. What do you do? Where do you live?

I recently launched a custom wallpaper company that takes the traditional idea wallpaper and pushes it into the realm of art. So I am constantly brainstorming ideas with people and creating unique pieces for each individual client, and every now and then I have time just to create for myself. It is a lot of fun!! We are moving into a new house soon and I am trying to figure out what all I am going to do for the rooms, too many ideas, I don’t think I will ever be able to decide!! I currently live in Los Angeles, CA and soon will be in Long Beach, CA.

What’s a typical day in your life?

Oh my god, there is no typical day, but everyday does start the same. I wake up usually around 8am and walk my 3 dogs about 2 miles. I am not an early riser and 8am is still too early for me, but it is rare that they sleep much later than that. Then I brew some coffee and start answering emails and returning phone calls. I feed the dogs at some point. Once I kind of have that taken care of I start working on projects, new ideas, drawing, scanning, sizing and printing or having meetings. There is ALWAYS some kind of project going on, so I have to try really hard to carve out time where I don’t work and relax and enjoy life around me. There is always so much to do and it is easy to get wrapped up in a constant state of work. Since most of my work takes place in my home it is hard to turn off, unless of course there is an episode of Real Housewives of any city on that I haven’t seen yet, then everything else is blocked out!

What makes you laugh? What makes you cry? What makes you happy?

Well sometimes life throws all three of those at you at once, but in general what makes me laugh is really sarcastic people. Cry? Animals of any kind being abused or hurt, ugh it breaks my heart just thinking about it. Happy? Well that varies a lot and there are a million and a half things that make me happy from small gestures to big fun adventures but there is one thing that never fails to make me happy – it starts with ice and ends with cream!

What was the inspiration for you to use Twitter as a communication platform?

Actually the company I used to work for had me start tweeting as part of their social media and marketing strategy. So I would blog and tweet and stuff like that and it was fun. I enjoyed popping in and chatting with people via twitter and it helped to break up the day. What I didn’t realize is the real life connections I would make and the friendships that would be formed through this. When I decided to launch my company I already felt like I had a little support system and cheer squad to keep me moving forward. (thank you) I also feel like there is someone in almost any city I might travel to that I know on twitter, so I like the idea of meeting my twitter friends all around the country/world and having a cup of coffee in their own cities and getting to know them in person. How fun would that be??!!

Where do you want to be in ten years from now?

Dominating the mother f*ing world! No not really, I just want to be creating and experimenting with new techniques and technologies and see where it takes me. I’ll probably just be relaxing in my villa in Bora Bora ;-)

tracy hiner wallpaper designer

Oh and Tracy darling, look at what we got you:

gourmet ice cream sandwiches

mmmmmmmmh right?

Your very own ueber-sized lifetime supply of ice cream sandwiches which you’ll get just as soon as you’ve added all that cool new stuff you did to your listing on Modenus.


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