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SICIS tile cum art cum furniture – blurring the boundaries

There are a handful of manufacturers we admire for having re-invented themselves when business slowed down in order to garner attention from new audiences and re-kindle the fire in existing clients. Standing at the same trade show display with a fishbowl for business cards and wondering why sales are down is lethal in this Darwinian environment. So aside from reaching out to new markets by engaging in social media and taking a much more proactive role in accommodating new marketing platforms like blogs and digital catalogs we want to salute manufacturers who are reaching out of their respective boxes to cross boundaries into other markets. Today’s example is SICIS who have gone from a simple collection of glass mosaics, to customizable glass mosaic blends, to art on walls, to glass mosaic area rugs to furniture and now to jewelry.

The ultra-glam line reinterprets it’s tile collection and enters the fashion world with sexy, ostentatious over the top design that are a refreshing contrast in the world of understated.

The new jewelry line features baubles fashioned from gold, semi and precious stones, and mosaic tesserae. The SICIS craftsmen drew inspiration for the new concept from the ancient eighteenth century tradition of micro mosaics. With this unique and precious technique, designs were transformed into small ones and represented in genuine miniature form, painstaking and precise to the tiniest detail.

SICIS exquisitely crafted tile mosaic rugs have garnered accolades from designers, homeowners and the some of the finest hotels worldwide and are a perfect example of keeping a product line alive and exciting.

Who needs art, when you’ve got modern-day masterpieces like this exotic furniture from Sicis Next Art, a collection that breaks the boundaries between art and function. Designer Carla Tolomeo created this exotic, limited-edition collection of chairs and settees encrusted with Sicis mosaic. She interprets nature in a surreal way, transforming a piece of furniture into an abstract butterfly, and a rose into a blooming mount of pillows

We’d love to hear about manufacturers you would add to the list of innovative brands who are reaching across the aisle and into fashion , food or other lifestyle areas to enhance their image, provide more interest and broaden the range of their market. Would love to hear from you.

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