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Let’s Blog Off: If money were no object – my ultimate wish list

“Money doesn’t buy happiness” they say, but it does help a teeny tiny bit,  doesn’t it? It’s the Holiday Season and while I would normally consider writing something deep and profound as I am known to do on occasion I’ll dispense with that and indulge in my ultimate wish list. Surprisingly it’s not as ostentatious of a wish list as one might think, given that in this scenario I could pick anything, anything at all. For me it’s less about price tag and even less about label; it’s about style and good taste but also about comfort, confidence, happiness and maybe most importantly the freedom and peace of mind that comes with financial security. So we’ll end a fascinating and inspiring year with our last Let’s Blog Off, asking the question “If money were no object”. Please be sure to scroll to the bottom to see other participants in this week’s blog topic. I seem to have lived several lives in my life thus far and one of them was a life where money was very, very available. The picture above is of Monte Carlo which was, along with Antibes on the French – and Portofino on the Italian Rivera, my stomping ground as a teenager. There were Porsches, Jaguars, glitzy casinos and glamorous hotels; none of which did anything for me other than create a desire to run away;  maybe because I was a teenager or maybe because these things are just not in my nature. So, to the girl who had it all, having less seemed to be the most appealing dream of all. Leading a life today where I have to get up every morning to earn my keep, I likely have a greater respect for money and success but there is still no desire for the ostentatious, no matter where life would take me. So what would there be, in my life, if money were once again, not an object?

Here are my – current – top five, because when money is no object you get to change your must haves as often as you like, and that may be one of the most intriguing things about it, n’est-ce pas?

So maybe the glamour of the Riviera was not hugely attractive but being near the water is a must and in no way better achieved than on one of these. It’s a Swan 53 and humbly at 53′ the second smallest in a fleet that has boats up 130′. And while money doesn’t matter I just can’t see trying to sail a 130′ boat without a huge crew and then there’s minus points for that in my book. So this cozy little thing would do me and I would consider actually even living on it much of the year.

Much of the year, when I’m not living here. It has to be London and it has to be a loft type deal, with expansive roof terrace and close to one of the amazing parks or gardens. This one happens to be a loft in London’s West End and it encompasses the top 3 floors of the the old converted BBC television studios.

No further comment – one year, with my daughters, around the world. Good book by the way and much cheaper than the actual trip. While we’re gone I’d be happy to let one of you folks live in the London loft, just call me.

The luxury of time and money to help others. Not blind philanthropy but focused and targeted help that goes to the right person. Maybe that accomplishes less than giving lots of money to big groups but I struggle with a lack of trust in these things. And it’s not clear my conscience, it’s to change the life of another human being. Having said that, sometimes it doesn’t take much to do that in the first place. I feel a New Year’s resolution coming on.

And finally, no, not me. That would be terribly narcissistic. Me at work. The sheer pleasure of developing new business models and concepts. Not because I have to but because I love to do it. Not having to work for money but because it’s fulfilling and inspiring, that has to be the ultimate luxury.

Have a warm and happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

Paul Anater @paul_anater Kitchen and Residential Design
Sean Lintow, Sr. @SLSconstruction SLS-Construction.com
Rufus Dogg @dogwalkblog DogWalkBlog
  • http://blog.sls-construction.com Sean @ SLS Construction

    London for a year? I guess if you are twisting my arm, I would love to house sit for you for that year. Nice list & a Happy Holidays to you

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  • Betsy

    I especially enjoyed the Swan 53. It looks like so much fun!

    Happy Holidays!

  • http://www.cft411.com Joseph

    Actually, if I were going to do the “live abroad for a year” thing, I think my choice would be Italy, simply because I have written so many blogs on their designs in the last almost three years. It must surely be one of the most creative places on earth.

  • Terry Babij

    I would travel and pursue ideas I have for Photo Journalism book ideas and take to new media. It would be living my passions!

  • admin

    Terry that sounds wonderfully intriguing. Maybe we should all be doing that anyway, no?


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