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Did you see the featured designers on our new homepage?

Want to be one of them ?

If you think you have what it takes to grace the cover of Modenus this is what you have to do:

1. Join Modenus

2. Look for a reply email from us and click the confirm link – don’t “duh” me, you have no idea how often people forget to do that

3. Go to your dashboard and, if you are an actual design professional or a design student, complete the trade status application on your dashboard

4. Create your public profile in “preferences” and be sure to include four portfolio images

That’s it! Once your trade status is approved, and yes we do that to protect design trade, you will be notified via email and you can now go back to Modenus and

1. Find your listing in our designer directory

2. Submit more of your work to beforeandafter@modenus.com

3. Submit your best shot for consideration in the homepage slide show to talktous@modenus.com

4. See Trade only information on individual product pages – that’s right, info for you that’s not visible to people who are not interior design professionals.

So that’s it really, more exposure, more trade-only information just for joining a Modenus. We did mention that Modenus is free to designers right? Yes even the project manager!

Questions? We’re here. Leave a comment or catch us on Twitter.

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