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…..as we excitedly bounce up and down

Hello everyone, welcome to Modenus!

Whilst we are working very very hard to make our full site live, we want to take some time to get to meet the Interior Design Industry through this blog, or you can always drop us an email as well, we’re really quite friendly.

Please stay tuned to this blog to read about :

  • exciting new products that have been submitted by some of our favourite manufacturers and vendors in the “Daily Design Dose”
  • design ideas by Modenus editors and guest bloggers
  • design bloopers and fantastic before & afters submitted by design professionals and creative homeowners
  • “the business of design” solutions for design professionals and anyone trying to understand this new economic environment
  • things we find funny, sad, interesting or just plain weird

Feel free to leave a comment, or send ideas to talktous@modenus.com and cool products to newproducts@modenus.com

Veronika at Modenus


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