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Why should you be on BlogTour London or BlogTour LA?


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After over two years and six BlogTours to fabulous design destinations like London, New York, Cologne, Amsterdam and New Orleans we’re now excited to announce our first back to back tour this fall.

BlogTour London will see a select group of International design bloggers at London Design Festival from September 18-23, 2013 and immediately after that in Los Angeles for WESTedge from October 1-6, 2013.

Something that is very important to us, is that the bloggers we invite are genuinely interested in the destination we’re bringing them to. We want the city’s culture and local design scene to be a good fit for your blog so that you can make the most of the experience.

So, this is easy – tell us in comments below or via email at talktous@modenus.com why you should be selected to travel to either London or LA. That’s all.

Planning to attend our “Design Around the World” event at ICFF in New York and at KBB London, on May 19? Perfect!

Anyone who has submitted their comment/email AND attends the event will be entered in the drawing at the show and secure the first spot on either of the tours.


  • http://www.architangent.com Brinn Miracle

    Why would London or LA be a good fit for me? Easy: I’ll finally be done with my architecture license exams and I can re-focus on blogging about the broad world of architecture, interiors and design! What better way to celebrate getting exams behind me than focusing on what I love to talk about and do all day: Design! I’ve heard great things about the blog tours from Bob Borson and Todd Vendituoli – I would love to experience it all first hand!

  • Krista

    Tami and I (of CLOTH & KIND) would be incredibly interested in being part of BlogTour LA!! We are insanely passionate about textiles and art, especially, but also about just really good interior design – in any form. LA is on our hit list for this year so we’d be honored to be there with BlogTour… blogging, tweeting, pinning & gramming about it all with you and a crew of like-minded bloggers! Thank you so much for considering us, Veronika!!
    Krista & Tami

  • http://twitter.com/A_Interiors Arianna Interiors

    I would love to attend BlogtourLA – why? Well Blogtour has a special place in my heart after attending blogtourNYC last year. An experience that I will treasure forever and where I have made friends for life. LA also holds a special place and if I can combine the two together then it would be a dream! LA is the perfect fit for my blog, style and way of life. I also have many online friends there and it would be great to hook up and share our design passions.

    Most importantly Veronika said that I look like the actress Michelle Williams so perhaps I can also try my luck in the movie industry ;) ))) Would it also be selfish to ask for the other blogtour NYC’ers to join?! Perhaps a reunion :) Enough rambling but I do love BLOGTOUR

  • Anonymous

    Now seriously Veronika- who wouldn’t want to be part of BlogTour? Having previously attended BlogTour Cologne, I can attest to the fact that I would happily be at them all. Everyone from Modenus and all the sponsors do such an incredible job and I would be honored to help spread the word through my site HomeCentrl and social media platforms. Count me in for consideration!

  • http://twitter.com/Marilyn_Russell Marilyn G Russell

    I’ve mentioned to you before that I would travel across the pond with you but, now I’m going to cement it here. Last time I was in London (2010) I had to leave the week before London Design Week and missed the entire inspirational festivities. Pretty sad I was. Blog tour, for me, is THE vehicle bridging the gap of design across the world. Besides the design exposure, the life-long friends made on BlogTour is a gem in and of itself. And, I would get to see and hang out with my BlogtourNYC buds (miss them). That being said, I would LOVE to see London again, this time with the Modenus crew!! :D DD

  • Courtney Lake

    London has always been a fantastic filter for the trends and concepts that eventually find their ways in the United States. Perhaps it’s the lack of a language barrier or the city’s location allowing it to grab the best of continental European and Scandinavian design but London has always fueled style in all the sense from architecture to fashion and home decor. A trip to London with BlogTour London would be an amazing experience for this young designer – it would not only introduce me to a level of design I have been dying to be exposed to but also a level of fellow professionals I earn to be surrounded with. BlogTour London just isn’t about seeing beautiful and inspiring design, it is being immersed with some of the finest design professionals around and having the opportunity to learn. It is for all these reasons I am excited, nervous and exhilarated at the thought of being part of BlogTour London.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessicaashleysims Jessica Sims

    I’ve been a groupie for BlogTour since day 1 and have been utterly in awe of the work that Veronika, Tim & team put in to make such a phenomenal impact on the design blogging world. I live and breathe interiors and have been fortunate enough to build a career in helping to communicate the industry to the world and would love the opportunity to experience the best of LA design to broadcast from the Parker Hobart blog, my own Twitter & Facebook feeds and Instagram where I have built up a fabulous network of like-minded individuals. LA is a creative mecca and brimming with exciting opportunities – would you have me BlogTour?

  • http://twitter.com/mirrormirrorxx Paola Thomas

    Oh I would just ADORE being a part of BlogTour London. I’m a Brit transplanted 6 years ago from Notting Hill to Seattle and I miss home EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. (And I was very jealous after hearing about my friend and regular guest blogger Tina Ramchandani’s adventures on BlogTour Cologne.) I’ve been blogging since 2006 and a lot of what I do is translate British design and food for an American audience, so the fit would be perfect. And there’s nothing like the easy breezy nonchalance and quirky comfort of British style. I miss it so. Oh and I would FB, Tweet, Instagram and blog the sh*t out of EVERYTHING :) AND it’s my birthday on 18th September :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/will.taylor.3152 Will Taylor

    Mr. Bazaar would be delighted to attend #BlogTourLA because it’s a rare online movement that goes far beyond tweets and page views. Instead, it completes the missing link that many others have missed: it creates lasting and rich relationships (and darn good friendships to boot) between bloggers and the fascinating people behind brands. The best bit? There’s not a dry press release in sight. No, siree! Rather, BlogTour achieves this through the creation of magical, memorable and engaging design events with a talented and diverse group of people. It would be an honour to have the opportunity to immerse myself into the LA design scene alongside such an inspiring and supportive group of bloggers and designers. Plus, I promise to wear bright blue shoes and a yellow bow tie! :)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been following BlogTour and the wonderful coverage from so many dear blogging friends. I must say it’s been on my to-do list from the start. I think attending the inaugural Westedge would be a wonderful experience. London speaks to my eclectic nature. It’s such a catalyst for design. I’d love to take in its mix of ancient and modern architecture.

    Either tour offers much more than just taking in the event and the local culture. As much as I love posting photos on twitter, pinterest, G+, FB etc., I really enjoy meeting other design and culture enthusiasts. Veronika always selects incredibly talented people and I’d feel honored to spend a few days with such a talented group.

  • http://twitter.com/theenglishr The English Room

    Blogtour London would be a dream. I am a self proclaimed Anglophile and a lifelong design lover. The Modenus team has put together the most amazing and inspiring events that I have devoutly followed over the past few years through my design blog friends and Blogtour participants. I would love to be a part of such fun adventure over the pond with best and brightest in design.

    Chelsea Design Center, the King’s Road, Camden’s Passage, the Portobello Road markets and Wagamama are some of my old haunts from when I lived in London two decades ago while studying Decorative Arts at Sotheby’s. I am ready to revisit these spots with a more refined eye and learn from all the terrific and diverse talents that you bring together. What an opportunity it would be!

    My blog, shop and interior design business are all know by The English Room so London no doubt is the place for me. I am active on all social media platforms and am ready to shout and share the Blogtour gospel from the rooftops.

    Thank you for considering me!

  • http://twitter.com/fabricofmylife Kate Baxter

    Oh V, you know I would absolutely LOVE to come on BlogtourLA and be reunited with some of my fellow alumni! The LA design scene is one I’ve been drawn to for so long and to get to experience it first hand with like-minded design lovers would be incredible, drinking in the fresh & vibrant creativity under the Californian sun (a massive draw for a Brit like me!). Memories of the Big Apple with you guys still leave me teary-eyed and I truly made friends for life on that trip; to have the chance to do it all over, I’d be there in a heartbeat! :)

  • http://twitter.com/interiorstylist zoe brewer

    “Blogtour – it’s about the people”, as Mr Bogan once famously said. Having recently returned from BlogtourNYC I can definitely verify that this is very much the case. From the generous sponsors, to the hugely well organised V & the Modenus team and of course the ridiculous amount of laughing with new blogging friends. It makes you happy. And when you’re happy, you enjoy everything you see on the tour so much more. And then you want to tell the world about it. And then the world wants to join in. It’s the natural circle of Blogtour. So, yes I would love to have another chance to experience this with BLogtourLA, to catch up with old friends and make new ones too. And as Mr B also once said “Every Blogtour needs a bit of pink” :) xx

  • Irene Turner

    As a veteran of ONE fabulous blog tour to date I know know a bit better what is intended and what to gear up for. As Zoe said below, it is about the people, and also about the audience. I am amazed and delighted at all those who listened to what we had to say, couldn’t wait to hear what we reported on and generally “followed” us around town so to speak. Between fabulous new and old friends, great new product launches and inside views and tours of fantastic cities it is a draw to many in our field as well as many people interested in what’s happening in the market and in the scene itself. As an ex trend director and current interior designer I loved sharing my insights and thoughts with my followers, many who couldn’t wait for the next chapter. It would be a delight to report on another great tour.
    As for LA and London, well I’ve been to both cities and am comfortable in either. It’s been over a decade since I’ve been to a London show of any kind and would LOVE to get back into Brit beauty. As for LA, It’s a second shopping ground for me here in San Francisco bay. Either is appealing, and being with the Modenus leadership anywhere is guaranteed to be fun and exciting! I’m in.

  • http://twitter.com/TheDecorGirl Lisa M. Smith

    Love to be part of any BlogTour event! I consider BlogTour Cologne to be such a special experience of course I’d love to go to any of them again. Normally I’m selective but after my first BlogTour I know Veronika and her team does not disappoint. BlogTour Cologne was absolutely perfect, the juiciest four days I’ve ever had in my life. The new blog pals were great and the opportunity to experience such great events with Modenus behind us, the vendors treat you like you matter… and we do.

    I am not sucking up when I say, being a veteran of BlogTour Cologne was an absolute privilege. Any of those who haven’t been on one, it is one of the best blogger experiences you’ll ever have. Of course I’d be honored to go again… anywhere.

    Oh, and I wanna know how you enhanced that LV image above because LV doesn’t make a royal blue Alma or I’d have one. No matter where V, I promise I’ll try to live up to my most appropriately dressed award. :) XO – Lisa

  • http://twitter.com/DecorArtsNow Decor Arts Now

    I would go anywhere with BlogTour. Like the others who have commented, my participation in BlogTour London was an absolute highlight in my life. So always count me in –London, LA — the moon— wherever there is design and Modenus is going I want to go with!
    That said, I am particularly jazzed about attending BlogTourLA and the inaugural Westedge. Something about a brand new design event has me pumped! You could count on me to bring the wider design community insightful trend spotting, a unique perspective and engaging writing! (And my photos aren’t bad either.)
    Since, I spent my early life in middle America, and the last 30 odd years in NYC, I think I am well placed to bring Westedge and the LA design scene to a wide audience. Plus,I have to note that as a coastal homeowner–I am loving the show’s participation in the Save the Bay campaign.
    Here is hoping you think my sunny personality is a good fit for sunny LA. Always love reconnecting with you and other BlogTour alums wherever that might be, and can’t wait to meet the new folks who are selected.

  • http://twitter.com/Time2Design Carmen Christensen

    I would most graciously accept the opportunity to be a part of BlogTourLondon! Hands down being a part of BlogTourCGN was beyond words amazing! And to have an opportunity to be a part of another BlogTour would be hands up waving in the air crazy cool! To be able to see, touch, feel and experience design beyond our borders, to be inspired outside of my box and most importantly to form friendships with other like minded designers, bloggers and blogtour groupies is the stuff that stays with you a lifetime. So uh, yea, I’m in Veronika….Sign me up!!

  • Lisa Goulet

    Having recently returned for BlogtourNYC I can only say that I would jump at the chance to go on another Blogtour ANYWHERE, but either LA or London would be absolutely fabulous, of that I have no doubt.

    However, as I have some genetic roots to Britain, I’d love to come along to London. It’s been about 8 years since my last visit to London and I’m sure it misses me as much as I miss it. The fact that the London Design Festival takes place at the V & A makes my heart race, as during my interior design studies I would visit V&A online almost weekly. To actually explore it IRL would be a dream!

    Have the tea waiting for me, pretty please!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.mende Lisa Herring Mende

    I would so adore the opportunity for Blogtour London! I have had a blog since 2011 and covered many industry events, companies, etc. I am a self professed Anglophile with family roots that originated in England! I am active on all social media platforms and will promote the tour and sponsors voraciously. I have never traveled abroad, so I would be looking at things from a fresh perspective. So many of our trends originate in Europe before being popular in the States. it would be fun to be in on the cutting edge of a trend from that viewpoint. Being part of Blogtour would be a dream come true for me! I could also be happy with LA but England would be my first choice!

  • Katie Treggiden

    Okay, so three BlogTours might be pushing my luck, but if you don’t ask you don’t get, right?! I would LOVE to be invited on BlogTourLA, because:
    - I am fascinated by West Coast design – I have always wanted to see the Case Study houses and the Eames office (might be jumping the gun on the itinerary a bit!)
    - The exhibitor line up at WESTedge looks fab, especially The New Traditionalists and BDDW!
    - Because of the people – I met some amazing people who instantly became a part of my life, both professionally and personally. I am still working with one of the brands I met through BlogTourNYC and have just launched WeBlogDesign with the help of people met on both tours. And I would love to see David John again and finally meet Jaime Derringer!
    - Because BlogTours are just so much fun! I have got such happy memories and would love to add to them!

  • http://twitter.com/Alexandrafunfit Alexandra Williams

    If I’m eligible to reapply, I’d love to be considered for the London team, and once again try my best to bring design to the healthy living, actively aging boomer population! Thank you.

  • http://twitter.com/dcoopsd Brandon Smith

    In the Style of David Letterman I present the Top Ten reasons why the ever fabulous editor of D’Scoop should be allowed part of BlogTour London (I’m stalking you in LA anyway so…. )

    10. I make a pretty good seatmate on public transport. You must admit, Veronika and I bonded somewhere between Cologne and Amsterdam.

    9. Seeing me in a speedo during the night out at Claudius Therme had to be a highlight for someone.

    8. I’ve stalked the last two BlogTours (New York and New Orleans) and I have the blackmail photos to prove it. Does that make me a bit of a leech?

    7. I can easily find the inappropriate in something. I’m sure there are a few people that can back this up. Which, interestingly enough, makes me the perfect Brit.

    6. I still haven’t entirely thawed out from Cologne and could use a “warm weather” location to do so.

    5. I wouldn’t mind meeting the Queen or drinking like an Irishman.

    4. Grey is my favorite color.

    3. I may or may not have a crush on this guy named “Big Ben” (oh wait… he’s a clock? Well nevermind then)

    2. Courtney Price probably wants to see my yellow pants again. Maybe along side the Thames?

    and finally

    1. Cologne/Amsterdam: 1,343 photos; New York/AD: 659 photos; New Orleans: 1,274 photos

    But in all serious, Veronika, the BlogTour concept has not only pushed my second career in a direction that I may never have seen before but it’s also given me the courage to jump outside of my proverbial box. The publicity has been nice but the collaborations with wonderful people from other shores, the new found friendships, and the eye opening awareness and exposure to international design has been pivotal in formulating my position in the public eye. I happily join the alum who thank you for what you’ve done for the design blogging (even if it is more about microblogging like me :D ) community.

    And by the way, did I mention I have a bit of royal blood?

  • Tina Ramchandani

    As the honorary BlogTour stalker I feel that I must come to London! We know Tim will be crying if I’m not around :)

    After attending 1.75 BlogTours (Cologne and New York) I’m addicted to BlogTour and it’s family. I’d love to see what’s new and hot in London with a group of creatives that genuinely enjoy design. There’s nothing like being with a group that can talk about dishwasher handles for 20 minutes and really enjoy themselves! I loved seeing what the Germans had been up to in Cologne and I’d cherish the opportunity to see London’s perspective.

    I’d also like to mention that after Cologne and again New York I feel that I’ve made true, life long friends, some of whom I speak to (or tweet with) on a regular basis. Tim was right, it really is the people that make BlogTour. After all, you need fun people to eat your scones with, right? Please pick me!

  • Nicole Zeigler

    I hope it’s not too late to respond to this! Because I’m always reading about the BlogTour
    adventures of others, I’d be thrilled to attend a BlogTour event myself! Inspiration
    can be found EVERYWHERE, whether London or LA or somewhere you’ve never even
    heard of. It’s all about how you
    perceive it, and what better way to see a place than with a group of designers
    searching for that same inspiration.

    I visited London several years ago, as part of a road trip
    around England, Scotland, and Wales. I
    loved London and would relish the chance to revisit the city with a different
    perspective. The same holds true for LA –
    I’ve visited briefly, but only just long enough to get a small taste of the
    city I could learn so much from.

    And let’s face it, I live in Salt Lake City. While there’s a (generally unknown) treasure
    of Mid-

    Century, Craftsman, and Victorian style here, inspiration is limited without
    travel. Attending a BlogTour would keep
    me a step ahead in my own design community and would enhance my career in ways
    I’m sure I can’t even imagine.

  • http://twitter.com/jenvoyce Jenny Voyce

    I’d jump at the opportunity to join the LA Blogtour. Having followed the Blogtour since its first visit to London, its become a great family of interior design lovers from all across the world.
    For me Blogtour is not just a chance to meet fellow bloggers; but to really connect with the designers that change the way we make our homes. I always think of the ‘kitchen as a living space’ idea as a West Coast way of life thats swept across the Atlantic. I’d love the opportunity to meet some people who live and breath that West Coast style.
    And well done Veronika and all at Modenus for creating such a wonderful global blog community!

  • http://twitter.com/Alexandrafunfit Alexandra Williams

    If you bring Katie, I promise to drive down to Los Angeles and help her get a sunburn on our West Coast beaches. By “help” I mean I’ll drop her off. I’m a redhead and must avoid the sun. Besides, if Katie comes, maybe you’ll bring Stacey too. They are ever so lovely as a team!

  • http://twitter.com/Alexandrafunfit Alexandra Williams

    I think Lisa, Kathy and I should go together again as the fun team (did you know we bonded FOREVER?). I promise to hold Lisa’s luggage….hostage.

  • Katie Treggiden

    Ha ha! Thank you… I think! ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/angela.schiewer.1 Angela Schiewer

    What a great opportunity! It must be incredibly interesting and inspiring to meet other bloggers and discover new design together. My blog is about interior design, decoration and textile and I think London or LA, both destinations are great. My favorite city is LA and I would love to be part of „Blog Tour“. Thank you for considering and best wishes,

  • http://twitter.com/Alexandrafunfit Alexandra Williams

    Well, secretly I would love for you to come to LA!

  • Courtney Price

    Lol ! :) too funny

  • Courtney Price

    It is a privilege and an honor to be chosen for a blogtour. Modenus curates well detailed, fast paced days of pure inspiration with access to things one would never even know exist- things that well might change their lives. Blogtour attendees never see design in the same way again, luckily for their clients or readers. Fun is putting it lightly. Memories to last a lifetime. Brilliance.

  • Courtney Price


  • christy robinson

    I would love to attend BlogTour London. I’ve been following BlogTours for a while now, especially with some of my fabulous design blogger friends participating in several of the tours. London (Great Britain as a whole actually) has always been on the top of my list of places to visit. As a design blogger for Donna’s Blog-A Designer’s Perspective, I feel that BlogTour is the perfect match for our blog. As we try to focus on bringing more design information to the public. We post on High Point Market throughout the year (we attend both markets every year), and try to attend many of the design industry events to highlight and showcase new products.

    Christy Davis

  • http://www.ateliertally.com Daniel Nelson

    Wow, LA BlogTour sounds like a real design lover’s treat. Having groupied my way through BlogTour LDN and helped put together the first one with Veronika and Tim, I’d love to become part of the official BlogTour gang.

    My blog is about modernism, with the ideas at the heart of the blog of building a world that is clean and safe. Nowadays the reasons for the modernist movement can seem irrelevant but I still believe that their ideals hit something that has made the world a far better place to be, whether than be architecture, industrial design or art.

    Los Angeles is a modernist’s wet dream, much of it built on these principles, so to explore this and report on the trip could make for some very interesting blog posts.

  • http://livethefinelife.com/ Kathy

    Agreed, Alexandra! I will help you Sherpa Lisa’s new blue LV luggage, be a test monkey for your boomer experiments and be your comedic straight man/woman whenever you want. BlogTour is more than traveling to new places to see what’s next in design. It is a bonafide adventure, full of interesting characters, that enables participants to build a lifelong bond. Let’s do it again!

  • http://livethefinelife.com/ Kathy


  • http://livethefinelife.com/ Kathy

    I can personally attest to #7, but I’m interested in this “bit of royal blood.” Tell us more, B!

  • http://livethefinelife.com/ Kathy

    Miss V,

    You had an idea that spawned a movement and a legion of royal, I mean loyal, subjects. Knowing that alumni continually want to be involved is a sign of your stroke of genius.

    No matter the language or country, the event translates into a amazing adventure for all. Viva la BlogTour!

  • Brandon Smith

    Tis true! There is a Baron and Baroness in my family tree round the 1700′s or so. From there it led into a whole bunch of royal debauchery. Think Game of Thrones but without all of the televisions.

  • Iris Havekes C-MORE

    As a design addict,
    blogger, interior designer, trend watcher and city girl, I need to be in places
    where I can feed my hunger to new and exiting things, energy, products, people
    and places…. London and LA ( I can not are of course on my wish list. So this blogtour
    will be the perfect opportunity to explore these cities, design and of course to
    meet great new and familiar people, since I’ve met Modenus and some of the
    bloggers on the Cologne blog Tour in Amsterdam earlier this year! I couldn’t wish
    for more! Lot’s of greetings! Iris
    Havekes , C-More interior: interieuradvies.blogspot.com

  • http://littlebigbell.com/ geraldine

    I have never been before, it would be an honour given the opportunity. I have covered the London, European and Scandinavian market in design and lifestyle, a blogtour in LA would be the icing on the cake, giving me an opportunity to explore and expand from other angles a different market. I also have a huge interaction with a potential market of families and people who are not bloggers on Instagram and it would be a privilege to share with them the designs of LA. I would value the chance to network with like minded bloggers and designers. I hope I’m not too late in commenting.

  • Anonymous

    My name is Malik and I would like to put my name into the hat. I really want to go home and visit friends at the Citizen M. And I would like to bring Cheryl Kees Clendenon with me because I have watched her have a rough time this summer and knows she is ready to cut loose in the fall and bring design back into her life after that nasty person wreaked such havoc. ( Oh, I watched her!! but the folks at Citizen M made it so that I could never utter a word because heck, who would want me in their hotel rooms if I had loose lips ‘eh??) Cheryl is tired of being a forensic accountant and really needs design inspiration and I know for a fact that London was all that and more to her. Anyway, hoping you consider my request. I do not take up much room and eat very little. So I would be cheap to bring. Cheryl on the other hand, well she prefers first class but will be happy in steerage. I am almost positive my friends at Citizen M want to see me so much they probably would pay for her to escort me. Really, she loves the hotel so much she should be an ambassador. And do not forget the street food. She says she will eat cheaply every day and just buy street food. ( she made me say that) thank you for all consideration!


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