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Tent London: Fully Furnished Part II

The furniture designers featured in the second “Fully Furnished” Tent London post are all about innovation. From the structure to the colors to the materials, these designers are anything but ordinary. Designers Zoe Murphy, Kate Noakes, and Sarah Turner have made art of repurposed materials and old furniture that had passed its best-before date. Sarah Turner has created an entire line of floral lighting pieces created from recycled sprite bottles, Kate Noakes has perfected the art of the furniture face-lift using tin and gesso, and Zoe Murphy administers some much needed TLC to old pieces with paint and printed drawings inspired by the Margate seaside. Like Murphy, designer Peter Stern is unafraid to incorporate several bold colors into his work, his Dakota table being a prime example of his eye-catching style. Finally, the work of La Vague Doree and Laszlo Tompa eschews traditional structure and shape. These designers promise to be some of the most unique at Tent London this year.

Furniture at Tent London by Sarah Turner, Zoe Murphy, Kate Noakes,

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Stand Locations

Zoe Murphy: Stand No. F27 – Hall T1

Peter Stern: Stand No. M15 – Hall T3

Kate Noakes: Stand No. K08 – Hall T5

Sarah Turner: Stand No. H03 – Hall T4

La Vague Doree: Stand No. F12 – Hall T1

Laszlo Tompa: Stand No. B06 – Hall T2


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