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Tent London: David Derksen Design

Nostalgic materials meets modern style with David Derksen Design. As we have previously blogged, copper is a trending material used for various designs and that certainly includes lighting.

David Derksen Design copper lamp

This lighting is constructed from thin copper sheets and hand crafted in the Netherlands. The beautiful part about copper is its relationship with light. The exact shade of the copper will continually vary based on other light sources, offering an endless array of patterns on the shades.

David Derksen Design wooden lamp

We could not ignore this wooden variation of the copper lamp. The lamp is made from a wood veneer pieces and film backing .  The film functions as a support, holding the wood veneer pieces together and adding an element of glamour and interest to the simple design.

David Derksen Design Dewar Glassware

There is no doubt that glass lighting and exposed light bulbs are currently a design must have but this David Derksen Dewar design invites a whole new spectrum of the tubelike lighting style. The Dewar glassware collection was named after the scientist James Dewar who came to fame for his research of the absolute zero temperature point and invention of the Dewar flask. This glassware collection takes on that classic simple glass curvature like that in a laboratory and the light brown hue evokes vintage medicine bottle. Derksen Design further describes the glassware collection, “As a direct result of the production processes used in its creation, Laboratory glassware has a very specific formal language. All vessels and instruments start as glass tubes that are reshaped on lathes under extreme heat”.

Can’t wait to see more from David Derksen Design when we’re in London with BlogTour next month.

Florence von Pelet

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