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BlogTour 2012 sponsor: Du Verre Hardware – A Leader In Original Design

It is a great honour for Modenus that Du Verre Hardware have chosen to continue as sponsors for BlogTour. Du Verre has been a personal favorite in the curated Modenus collection and a line that our CEO has resorted to many times in her years as kitchen designer.

Du Verre Hardware is a leader in quality and original design for cabinet hardware. Working with highly respected designers from all aspects of the design world, Du Verre has created unique design-driven collections of knobs and pulls for fine furniture and interiors. Du Verre’s die cast hardware is precision engineered entirely from recycled aluminum. It is elegant, beautiful, environmentally friendly and easy to install. Some designs, however, lend themselves only to sand casting. Sand casting is a labor intensive method of manufacturing hardware that is suitable for producing small batches of unique products.

Describing Du Verre’s work as ‘hardware’ misses the point. Each item is a small work of art, designed and created with care. It is no wonder that they are first choice for people who care about the details.



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