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BlogTour Sponsor Mr Steam – The Feel Good Company

BlogTour Sponsor Mr Steam is, indeed, the Feel Good company. They are, as you may have gathered, all about steam. Specifically, with more than fifty years experience, providing the finest quality steam showers and towel warmers. Mr Steam hosted a spa night on our recent tour to Cologne and we all understood the message of this company – take some time for yourself and relax. The world will still be there when you’re ready for it.

Mr Steam iSteam

Now Mr Steam has introduced the iSteam, a highly innovative steam shower experience that brings a traditional luxury right up to date. iSteam features a touch panel which is as easy to use as a smart phone. In the words of Mike Pinkus, Mr. Steam president and the lead industrial designer behind iSteam. “ iSteam becomes an extension of the user, creating a near-magical transformation of your client’s shower.” iSteam is a 4.3-inch color liquid crystal display which displays only the function the user wants, instead of a confusing keyboard of tiny buttons. iSteam offers a wide array of features — temperature, duration, aroma, chroma and music — but they are all are hidden until needed.  David Farrage,  award-winning industrial designer for Lamborghini and Movado was a  senior designer on the iSteam project. “There are no buttons to push and no complex navigation to learn. Bathers simply swipe and select,”  he says  “The iSteam microprocessor is able to decipher between a touch or drag of a finger to perform the correct action.”

Behind the sleek iSteam icontroller you do, of course, need something to generate all that steam, and it is designed for use with Mr. Steam’s industry-leading E series home steam generators. And there are all sorts of wonderful accessories, such as ChromaSteam light systems, AromaSteam aromatherapy and MusicTherapy speakers.

Mr-Steam-iSteam-iGenie-FOBAnd, as if that isn’t enough, Mr. Steam is launching two new accessories with the iGenie, a tactile, elegantly molded wireless control designed by Farrage that remotely preheats the steam shower from up to 100 feet away, and AudioWizard, a Bluetooth sound system that can also be used in any shower, with or without iSteam.

Our enthusiasm for Mr . Steam knows no bounds, not least because we have tried their product. We can’t embed anything into this blog that will give you an instant, relaxing, steam bath or shower. We can, however, urge you to watch this video from Mr Steam. And yes, it really does feel that good!




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