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Tent London: Kristjana S Williams

Originally from Iceland, Kristjana S Williams is an artist that grew up craving vibrance and color, elements her home did not offer. Her designs inspired by photographs, natural objects and the Victorian style blend perfectly in her wallpaper, cushions, trays, furniture and her latest line of globes.

Kristjana S. Williams couchKristjana S. Williams Chair

The Purpura Vallis Medium Laid Back Scroll Arm Sofa – that’s a mouthful – really requires no further descriptions. Its great colors and magical designs speak for themselves, we think. Another favorite is the Lear Gaukur Low Scroll Arm Wing Chair with its forest meadow design against a plain white background.

Kristjana Williiam East Meets West Lundunar Kort Globe

Kristjana S Williams Ink Forest Baby Signature Stool

Delving deeper into the world of fantasy creatures we find the ‘Love the Ink Forest Baby Signature Stool’ (right) and in winter of 2012, Kristjana had the pleasure of displaying her globe collection at the Paul Smith Globe Store which was a complete hit and understandably so. The design is colorful, chaotic and full of papercuts of a sometimes pretty sometime creepy fantasy world. Now that’s a world worth exploring.

We saw Kristijana already last year at Tent and can’t wait to see what’s new.


Florence von Pelet

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  • http://www.customizedwalls.com/ Miss Murals

    WOW! These patterns are AMAZING!

  • http://www.modenus.com Veronika Miller

    You’re going to see soooooo many patterns when we’re in London. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. #blogtourLDN

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