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Design Junction: Lzf Lamps Wood Lighting Design

Blogtour London is hopeful that we’ll get a glimpse of the wooden lighting design from LZF lamps. Their latest collections are wildly imaginative, playful and create wonderfully sculptural clusters when installed in multiples. We look forward to seeing them at Design Junction.

Lzf raindrop cluster

The Raindrop Cluster S collection designed by Javier Herrero  is made from natural wood strips, uses LED bulbs.  and is available in an array of colors. The cluster is artful and fanciful but also provides enough light to be functional.

Lzf escape S series

The geometric design of the Escape S series by Irish designer Ray Power is structured by a pattern of self supporting squares that wraps around the LED light fixture like a “domino circle caught in a constant state of gravity defiant falling,” as LZF describes it.

lzf candelabro white

Probably our favorite at the moment is the Candelabro S series designed by Marivi Calvo. It  is a beautiful story line of birds flying through a playful scene of cloud like forms and whimsical designs. The chandelier is made from natural wood also with LED lighting and is a  breathtaking focal point. A dreamscape right in your dining area. Wow!

Florence von Pelet

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