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100 % Design: on entropy marble design

Look out Blogtour London for this beautiful marble design by on entropy exhibiting at 100% Design.

on. entropy marble design on entropy marble candle holder

The various accessories, furniture and lighting on entropy creates is versatile, clean and stunning. The natural curve of the Oracle marble tray above demonstrates the vulnerability of the sturdy rock while under specific conditions.  The Cubicle candle vases are geometrically strong and unique as a marble candle holder.

on.entropy marble ray pendanton. entropy aerial floor lamp

The Ray pendant and Aerial floor lamp utilize marble in a unique fashion as, who would have thought, lighting fixtures. Both designs are simple and reveal the versatility of marble as a modern furnishing. The Aerial floor lamp is supported with pure bronze legs, a refined touch to juxtapose the natural rock.

on.entropy Ra marble tableon.entropy orbit coffee table

The image of the Ra table is stunning in its simplicity and play on light while the Orbit marble coffee tables are a perfect blend of sophistication and fun. We are absolutely loving this manipulation of such a solid material into something flexible, light and elegant.


Florence von Pelet

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