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BlogTour Vegas: New American Home

A 30 minute drive and away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip was this year’s NAHB’s New American Home, a brand new house in the suburbs of Las Vegas incorporating some of our favorite brands. The night was hosted by Mohawk Flooring and their subsidiary Karastan and also featured Walker Zanger products – two BlogTour sponsors in one beautiful house.

new american home las vegas blog tour walker zanger mohawk

The house sits at the end of a cul-de-sac in the foothills surrounding Sin City and its sheer location promised unimaginable vistas. The facade that greeted us was modern and clean lined without being at all cold or forbidding. On the contrary, the builders and design team created a modern haven that is as restful and embracing as it is luxurious and visually striking.

We were led into the home through the living room and greeted in the kitchen by the Mohawk team and a gorgeous offering of cocktails and nibbles. Upon entering the dining area, it was love at first sight. That table and those chairs!

New American Home las vegas blogtour

Free to explore the house on our own, the group dispersed this way and that to admire not one but two bars, the bed and bath rooms, and the outdoor living areas which featured a reflection pool at the center of the house and a beach edged swimming pool overlooking the entire city.

new american home las vegas walker zanger mohawk flooring blogtour vegasNew american home las vegas blogtour walker zanger mohawk

The idea was to create a seamless home where outdoor and indoor spaces became one. This becomes more relevant during the day when inside and outside temperatures stay almost exactly the same. However, the unique flow of the New American Home is still present at night time for two reasons: the flooring in one room indoors runs seamlessly into the flooring that runs outside onto the terrace and the outdoor space being furnished as comfortably as the indoor areas.


The upstairs bar area featured a stunning backlit bar top by Walker Zanger, that seemed to give the entire room a glow and, in every room, no matter how beautiful the products at eye-level, our attention was always drawn downwards to the fine collection of Karastan rugs. Our favorite find in the home was the rug below with its delicious lipstick red accents.


Carpets seems to be making a comeback in the design world, only now, we’re having fun with them and through Karastan’s SmartStrand technology carpets are not only resistant to wear and stains but soft to the touch as they are not chemically treated for stain resistance but rather physically designed to resist any amount of staining.

The engineering team at Karastan demonstrated SmartStrand by submerging a piece of carpet in a giant glass of, we’re assured, cheap wine. After soaking the carpet in the wine for over 15 minutes, a simple glass of water poured over the stained sample removed all traces of red and restored the carpet to its original beauty. Amazing! Several designers in the room said what we were all thinking: “Why buy any other carpet?”


walker zanger bath

As a perfect complement to the beauty of Karastan, Walker Zanger popped in for a guest appearance throughout the house. The tile in this shower compliments the masculine room beautifully.

On our way back downstairs, we caught an aerial view of the living room. From lighting to flooring, the house was absolutely exceptional.

Living roomliving room 2

flooring living room

Karastan carpet is beautiful, soft, and reinvents the idea of carpet as being unsanitary and short-lived; this carpet is long-lasting. We see the appeal for carpet returning in 2015 as this technology is adopted throughout the industry. Carpet and rugs can soften a room and create a cozier atmosphere where needed.

Thank you to the team at Mohawk and Karastan for a fantastic night. We were not quite ready to leave, but I suppose we couldn’t just move in then and there. The New American Home ignites an inspiration to design a space that flows. Thank you for sharing that with us.

All photography by Chasen West.


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