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BlogTour Sponsor Mr Steam – Seven steamy reasons to love them

There are many reasons to Love Mr Steam. The toughest thing about writing this post was picking the top six, which is why there are seven…

Getting Steamy in a Mr Steam steam shower

Reason one.  Sensuous luxury, affordably priced. A steam bath or shower is one of the best feelings on earth. Once you get into the habit of that relaxing, cleansing, oh so civilized sensation you will understand why these have been popular throughout history. You can spot people with the steam habit by the smiles on their faces. And with Mr Steam it is surprisingly affordable and reassuringly reliable. You can find Mr Steam’s work in the very best high-end hotels including Canyon Ranch, The Ritz-Carlton, The Luxor, Bellagio, MGM Grand in Las Vegas in luxurious private homes and hospitality establishments from from Alabama to Wyoming  and worldwide from Aruba to Vancouver.

Mrs Steam and BlogTour friends

Reason two. The face behind the brand. Martha Orellana VP Marketing for Mr Steam is also known as Mrs. Steam. Martha came along with us to BlogTour London and in addition to being the ideal ambassador to her brand, was one of the most charming, entertaining and generally delightful people you could hope to meet. This is a fact – every picture which features Martha, shows everyone in the frame with broad, genuine, smiles.

Steamy man in a Mr Steam steam shower

Reason three. The US  Navy relies on Mr Steam. When the US Navy needs steam equipment, they get it from Mr Steam. That’s proof positive of the build quality and reliability of their work.  That same quality goes into the many glamorous settings where you will find their products. There is no arrangement, as yet, for every new steam bath to come with the loan of a sailor, but there are rumours…

Reason four. Sense of humour. Mr Steam makes very funny videos. There is a selection of good Mr Steam videos out there, but this one about people taking an opportunistic, surreptitious, steam bath makes us smile every time.

Reason five. Green steam.  Now that doesn’t sound quite right, but Mr Steam has good environmental credentials. The naturally corrosion resistant stainless steel is, of course, recyclable and the water usage is significantly better than other luxury bath products. For example, a typical Mr. Steam steam system uses less than five gallons of water for a 30 minute steam bathing session. That compares to around 80 gallons in a whirlpool bath.

Mr Steam Towel Warmer

Reason Six. Warm Towels. This is a simple luxury  we wouldn’t want to live without. Step out of a shower or climb out of the tub and what sort of towel do you want? Big and fluffy, sure. Warm? Of course. And this is how to make sure you get one – a towel warmer from Mr Steam!

Reason Seven. Take time to relax!  Everyone likes a good night’s sleep. A steam bath seems to melt away the stress and as the warmth goes through your body your muscles relax and the sense of well being washes over you. Then you just need somewhere to lie still and zzzzzzzz.

Images: Steamy pictures by Mr Steam.


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