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BlogTour Sponsor Du Verre Hardware – the power and beauty of detail

Modenus is delighted to have Du Verre Hardware as continuing sponsor for BlogTour. Du Verre is small company with big vision and that is exactly what Modenus wants to celebrate.

Du Verre Hardware in Paris

Du Verre Hardware in Europe

Du Verre Hardware in Italy

So often, life is all about the details and certainly when it comes to kitchen or bath design, really great hardware can make all the difference.

How do such small elements have such an enormous impact? The answer lies in the care taken in the design. Du Verre hires leading designers including Clodagh , the award winning Irish designer known for her use of light and shadow and her global influences; interior designers Jeffrey Goodman and Steven Charlton , fine artist and sculptor William Harvey, renowned metal smith Heinz Pfleger , glass artist Jeff Goodman and mosaic artist Erin Adams. They all bring their own perspectives and passions to create these tiny works of art  – jewelry for your cabinets.

Du Verre Hardware Forged 3 collection designed by Heinz Pfleger

This is the Forged 3 collection designed by Heinz Pfleger. You can see the influence of his experience as a metal smith. The pieces, like all Du Verre hardware, made from environmentally friendly recycled aluminum, has the qualities of the original forged pieces. This is the small detail that makes all the difference.

Du Verre Hardware Series 3 Collection by Scot Laughton

Lotus Hardware, one of Du Verre's first hardware lines. Designed by William Harvey

Two more examples of  kitchens made by the detail. The top picture shows the Series 3 Collection by Scot Laughton. Elegant and ergonomic, as you would expect from a renowned furniture maker. The second image shows Lotus Hardware, one of Du Verre’s first hardware lines. Designed by William Harvey it features soft rounded shapes which are as lovely to touch as they are to look at.

For more about Du Verre please visit their website and know that you can order samples or place an entire order directly with the factory from anywhere in the world.


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