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California Faucets – luxury shower systems that won’t break the bank

Featured editorial sponsored by California Faucets

The alternate title for this post could have also been “Why should Europeans have all the fun?” It’s no secret that European design can quite often run miles ahead of the US, particularly when it comes to appliances and plumbing fixtures, but, we’re happy to point you into the general direction of California Faucets who has invested time, money, energy and their business smarts to change the way the game is played by creating an innovative product that will add some oomph to your next bathroom project without breaking the bank.

We’re talking about StyleTherm®, a thermostatic shower system much like those you see in the majority of baths in Europe and less frequently in North America because of the cost associated with them. Until now, that is, because California Faucets has developed their own technology  which allows them to sell thermostatic shower systems at roughly the cost of an old-fashioned pressure balanced system.

StyleTherm® boasts a lengthy list of features that are absent from pressure balance systems and at the comparable price point make the decision to use StyleTherm® a no-brainer:

  • Ability to dial in and save the desired temperature
  • No diverter valves mean each shower application has it’s own volume control for maximum flexibility
  • Anti-scald temperature protection, especially important for use with children or the elderly
  • Higher water flow rate satisfies the most challenging design requirements as it incorporates rain shower heads, body sprays, handheld showers and more
  • Complete design flexibility matches Style Therm to all California Faucet styles with numerous handle options and finishes

For more information about California Faucets and StyleTherm® please visit their website or find them on Modenus.

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