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Major Renovation of a Remarkable Home by Studio Shift Architects

Ok, let’s be honest, these Before and After pictures don’t do justice to this project. But when you click continue you will see some lovely pictures of a Los Angeles family home and its dramatic site. One of the aims of the major renovation by Studio Shift Architects was to provide what the architects call ‘multiple direct connections to the outdoors’. I’m assuming that means different ways of seeing and getting outdoors. And when you see the outdoors, including the newly landscaped rear yard that abuts a small creek you realise its a good place to see, and to be.

An upper, exterior deck extends out from the living room placing you among the trees and bamboo, a soft green buffer that effectively maintains a veil of privacy. The lower deck connects the master bedroom and the two children’s bedrooms with casual seating areas and a jacuzzi tub.

The project involved a small addition to the home providing for a new bedroom and bathroom, new exterior decks, steel stairs and bridge, interior renovation and a complete re-cladding of the home in mahogany siding, weathered steel and smooth-finish stucco. The kitchen was re-configured with an over-sized island doubling as a casual family dining table and is highlighted with an equally large north-facing skylight.

And if that all sounds rather lovely, and somewhat glamorous just wait till you see the pictures. Go on, click continue now!

Photographers: Alen Lin and Stephen Morton

  • http://twitter.com/GJIgwendajones Gwenda Jones

    Fantastic synergy between interior and exterior link-bringing the outside in, and good use of sympathetic materials-liking it Studio Shift Architects!

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