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Sonya Kinkade – Hero of the Kitchen Transformation

Let’s be honest, the room on the left isn’t really a kitchen, more a pile of  cabinets  on top of each other. And could that box pretending to be an island be in a more awkward spot?  What the clients wanted was a comfortable warm kitchen that was open to everyone and even though in a small awkward space it needed to be usable. Sonya Kinkade was the hero of this transformation. She says that her  first thought was that in such a tiny area  the kitchen cabinets needed to be light in colour so it would appear larger to the eye, but it was also part of a large open  space so it needed to be anchored, to appear as a space of its own.

Sonya chose cream colored cabinetry on the main cabinet run and then grounded the space by using an espresso shade on the island.  She used  glass inserts to flank the wood hood to create a focal point and extended the kitchen along the side wall with a breakfast counter and added storage above.  The  antiqued lighting over the island  also adds interest in such a small space and helped define it as a kitchen space.

You can see the end result, ·the clients loved it and, apparently, so do their visitors. It has become a great space to work in and, despite the size, has tons of new storage.

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