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THG Daum – Leap year, year of the Dragon

While we’re jumping for joy that it’s Leap Year—boding an extra day into our mix—we’re feeling as though the Year of the Dragon hasn’t been properly honored or celebrated.

Occurring once every twelve years, those born in the year of the dragon are, indeed, fiery in spirit, entrepreneurial, self assured and direct, tempered by flexibility and warmth.

Daum Sun Dragon Shower Valve

In honor of the occasion, how about dressing a bath with French couturier THG’s glamorous Daum Dragon? Produced by the legendary, French crystal atelier of the same name and celebrated for its mastery of the pâte-de-verre technique, THG’s Daum collection of fittings and accessories feature six unique designs. Offered in variegated browns, greys, greens and ambers, all of which radiate with light and color, each piece cast by hand, with no two alike.

Daum Sun Dragon Towel Rail

With the Dragon leading the collection alongside exotic florals and intricate designs, opt to take a powder or bath room to the highest level, having Daum co-exist with a valuable piece of art or decorative design.

Daum Vegetal

Celebrate the year of the Dragon every day. For more information, visit: www.thgstyle or phone: (954) 425-8225.

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