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Rub a dub dub – time for a tub!

Amalfi tub from  Victoria and Albert

Opinion is split on tubs. Some people imagine that they are unhygienic ways of sitting in your own grime. Others know that they are the epitome of luxury as they relax in a warm soapy tub sipping a cup of tea and munching on toast. Maybe that’s just the Brits. Pictured above is one of our Transatlantic friends doing something glamorous with a bottle of champagne. Good girl!

The bath is the Amalfi from  Victoria and Albert. They describe it as ‘A slipper bath for the twenty first century’. We think it would also look good inside a bathroom.

We were going to publish a picture of Tim in his tub reading his paper, drinking his tea and admiring his ever expanding physique, but there is such a thing as good taste!

But actually, that’s the glory of a tub. It can be glamorous or cosy.  Comforting or exciting. Even if you insist on a shower for getting clean, surely you need a tub for wallowing? And if you don’t have a tub, where do you keep your rubber duck?

Cuna Tub from Antonia Lupi

For people who would rather sit up a little, this is Cuna from Antonia Lupi. Eye catchingly different while still being elegant.

Baula, by Unique Wood Designs

And how elegant is this? Baula, by Polish firm Unique Wood Designs who have spent 30 years building yachts, boats and canoes before turning their hands to bathroom furniture. We are major fans of their work .

 Round Bath Tub by Stone Forest

And Stone Forest also know a good tub when they make one. This is is their Round Bath Tub available in Black Granite, Carrara Marble and Travertino Romano. 

The Sok Tub from Kohler

Now this is cool. The Sok Tub from Kohler does all sorts of groovy things. LCD lighting lets you change the colour, a clever plumbing arrangement allow you to have your water continuously flowing over the edge and back in via a water jet arrangement  and they have a model that’s big enough for two. Someone at Kohler really loves a good tub!

SICIS Shoe Tub

It is, however, possible to take something very wonderful and ruin it. This was designed for Italian based glass tile manufacturer SICIS. OK, so you like shoes and you like tubs, but why? I like bacon sandwiches and I like drinking beer. I don’t want bacon flavoured beer. I’m off for a long bath.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Redondo-Beach-CA/Hornbeck-Design-Partners/120240451662?ref=nf nancy manning

    Lots of beautiful images. These tubs are like freestanding functional art pieces. But, I’m with you on the shoe tub thing!


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