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Industrial chic – Balance bathroom fixtures from Holland

Balance from Holland have been around for over 20 years but there’s absolutely nothing dated about their designs – edgy, almost industrial, steel faucets and stone sinks and tubs create a very modern and sculptural collection. Above is the Dew bathtub and matching sinks in oval and below another version of the tub in round.

As ever, we like the combination of the slatted wood seats with the cool stone and steel.

Balance also produce a full range of faucets, showers and shower enclosure hardware. The piece that intrigued us the most was Square 55 (above) which is definitely channeling a futuristic Gattaca vibe. We would love to know your thoughts on this design.

And finally, the super thin square version of the Cristalplant® sinks which also come in round as part of a small suspended wash basin collection.

Again, let us know your thoughts on these or head on over to Balance to see more.

  • jb bartkowiak

    you know I tend more toward the practical, but gotta hand out props where props are due. good looking designs, 2001 monoliths and love the manly futuristic of the Square 55  … plus slimline sinks are intriguing. thanks for sharing.

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