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If you really want a snakeskin toilet…

Snake Skin toilet

Then, we guess, you probably have the right to have one.  And Healey and Lord will supply it to you.  And lets face it, if you think a Snake Skin toilet is a good idea you will probably be delighted at the idea of a plug which doubles up as a Jewel encrusted designer watch. Yes, really, also from Healey and Lord.

A plug which doubles up as a Jewel encrusted designer watch

The Healy and Lord website helpfully tells us that these are  manufactured in high grade stainless steel for water proofing. Well that’s a relief.  I am trying to imagine the circumstances when I would need to look down into a sink and know the time.  If you ever do find yourself looking down at one of these its probably time to get a life, or at least some taste.

By now you maybe wondering what other delights this purveyor of glamorous bathrooms has to offer. Do you remember the 70′s and Avocado bathroom suites or was that just something us Brits did? Now I really didn’t think you could still buy them but I draw your attention to the miscreant in the center of this line up.

Toilets in three coloursGuilty! And I’m not sure about the other two . Actually, that’s a lie. I am sure.  I know someone out there is thinking, “well maybe the orange…” If so, I want to hear it. I want to read a blog entitled ‘In defense of orange toilets’.

To be fair, and I am trying to be, Healy and Lord do have a range called ‘Just White’ which is just that, but at least no animals or colors were harmed in that collection.  And there is another range called ‘The New Black’ which is black except where it is black and white.

I can’t resist sharing two more delights.

Pony Skin ToiletNow please, what is this? Cow toilets? Pony Skin toilets? Can I get it in a fun fur finish? And finally, apart from absolutely foul, what do you call a crocodile skin bathroom?

Crocodile skin bathroom

This is, of course, the Dundee Bathroom. I wonder if Paul Hogan knows.

  • http://funandfit.org AlexandraFunFit

    Well, orange IS my favorite color. It might look nice combined with that bathroom Nick put up last week. But I’m not sure I’d want a toilet the color of Starburst candies. But I’d sure feel frivolous and fun while, er, using it.

  • http://www.thefantasydecorator.com JulieB

    I think words really do fail me…


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