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For pleasure, just pleasure. Tubs from Bagno Sasso

We’ve expressed our affinity for bath tubs before. No one works in the tub just as no one drinks martinis in the shower. We’re not even convinced that tubs are about washing any more than silk lingerie  is about keeping warm. They are for pleasurable lounging, yes, luxury.

Now we have more tubs to add to our list of the highly desirable. Bagno Sasso was founded by Rolf Senti a man who, before he started creating beautiful bathrooms, rode, or rather raced on, bicycles for a living. You can’t help wondering if creating such wonderful tubs was in someway an consequence of being perched on a sharp saddle for many an uncomfortable hour.

Whatever the inspiration, we are very grateful to Mr Senti and, like customers from around the world, are true fans of his work.  The illustration above shows a bathroom designed by Bagno Sasso featuring one of their wonderful wooden tubs.  More to follow.

There are a few things we could point out about the Ocean Shell tub, shown above.  Bagno Sasso would, no doubt want us to mention  technology from Formula 1 which is used in its creation and its high-tech components. We would, however, simply like to imagine lounging in it.  Actually, one thing we do want to point out is the gravel surround which is rather clever. It deals with the water, or whatever else you chose to fill your tub with, as it laps over the edges. Instead of leaving a small and rather unglamorous flood it simply drains away. Clever or what?

And just in case you needed a. a clearer sense of the scale of this lovely tub, b. some hints about how to relax in a tub, c. a picture of a young lady with strategically placed bath foam, then this is for you. It is from the Bagno Sasso web site so you’ll have to ask them if you want to know who she is.

How light and fresh is this? The Aguna Pearl bathtub model is available in all sorts of wood. We’re not sure what this particular one is but it is lovely. And there is something about the very organic shape which, while we suspect it took all of the manufacturers ingenuity and expertise to create, is simply very pleasing.

There are, of course, lots more lovely tubs on the Bagno Sasso site. They’ve got us rather hot and bothered. But somehow that cold shower doesn’t quite appeal.

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