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Dornbracht’s Horizontal Shower: Lying in the shower? Thoughts?

Dornbracht’s Horizontal Shower is going to split opinions. You can’t fault them for thinking outside the box, that’s for sure. Up until now the choice had been easy – stand in the shower, lie in the tub. (insert own joke about not believing anything anyone says in the bath). Dornbracht have given us the option of spreading out under the shower.

Dornbracht's Horizontal ShowerAmongst the people who rather like this are our good friends at the SBID who have named the shower as the winner of their International Design Awards, 2012, in the Contract Product category. And we feel it only fair to acknowledge Dornbracht’s pride that the Horizontal Shower, and we quote, ” permits showering using the AMBIANCE TUNING TECHNIQUE while reclining. Further more “The application combines six WATER BARS recessed into a broad shower field above a reclining space, along with an eTOOL as the main operating element.” So when we balance opinions on this innovation, we suspect we know which side fans of plain English are going to line up on.

Legs in Dornbracht's Horizontal Shower

But seriously, and we can do ‘serious’, all credit to Dornbracht for introducing something which is distinctly new. And, given the opportunity who could resist at least giving this a try? Your views and opinions are, as ever, keenly awaited.

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