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Diamond life – tubs of desire from Diamond Spas

Regal Bath by Diamond Spas

Before we agree to  putting someones products onto Modenus we give them the once over.  We operate a door policy, if you like.  Designers don’t want to trawl through acres of mediocre furniture before they find that special something and, let’s face it, manufacturers don’t want to be be sitting shoulder to shoulder with products that belong on the pages of eBay. So, when we are talking to someone about being on Modenus we have a good look at their products. Sometimes we look more than once, hand the pictures around the office, tell all our friends and think seriously about remodeling our homes to make way for our latest objects of desire. Welcome to Diamond Spas.

This is their Regal bath. Made from stainless steel with a double wall and absolutely stunning. It measures 36” x 72” x 25”.

Bath with Ladder by Diamond Spas
Because Diamond Spas use copper, metal and steel they can shape the bottom of the bath so it is most comfortable for whatever you intend to do in your tub of luxury. They are designed to accommodate one person, two people, probably more if that’s what you want. This one is nicely arranged to watch Arsenal beating Chelsea in the last month of the Premiership, clinching the title and going on to European glory. Unless, of course that’s actually a microwave.

Japanese Soaker by  Diamond Spas

One of Diamond Spa’s specialties are Japanese soaking tubs. They are relatively small, but also deep. And if you are wondering how that works, they all have a bench inside them so you do actually sit in the bath. Personally, I prefer to lounge but there is no denying just how visually stunning they are. This beauty is made out of copper, has a 40 inch diameter and benches for two people.

Japanese Soaker by Diamond Spas
And this Japanese Soaking tub, Designed by Tirzah Woods of Woods Design Studio, is made from Stainless steel and is somewhat bigger at 60 inch diameter. So maybe there is room for three?    Photographer: del Pozo

Plunge Pool by  Diamond Spas

And with that thought we need to cool down a little. And how better than in a plunge pool? For those of you not acquainted with plunge pools, they are cold, very cold. At least they feel that way. The Romans were keen on them, the Chinese make them part of their medical regime.  I used to dread the plunge pool at the Iron Monger Row public steam baths in East London. It was, however, nothing like this. They are  said to be good for all sorts of things like strengthening the immune system and boosting blood circulation. They are also said to numb pain. My memory is that they numb everything but you do feel really good afterwards.

The plunge pool shown above measures 36” x 48” x 60, is made out of stainless steel and features a sort of internal stair arrangement so you descend deeper and deeper, sensitive bit by sensitive bit.

OK, lets go outside.

Spa by  Diamond Spas

How’s this for a Spa with a view. It is made from Stainless Steel, 72″x84″x36″ with  bench seating  for  view gazing and a nice thick ledge to lean your drink on. It is hard to imagine why you would ever get out. Except, maybe to have a swim on top of a skyscraper.  Photo by John Russell.

Manhattan  Pool by Diamond Spas

Probably not great if you have vertigo, but the most dramatic city center swimming pool we’ve come across. It is made out of stainless steel steel, has an automatic cover and a jet system and a view. Boy does it have a view. Thanks to a clever custom gutter arangement you feel like your swimming right into the center of the Manhattan cityscape. Photo by Danielle Stingu.

Diamond Spas have been doing this sort of thing for  30 years. They tell us that their chosen materials, copper and stainless steel give maximum flexibility allowing designers’ creativity full range. They are also proud of their environmental credentials. You can see more of their work on Modenus. After all that, the morning shower is never going to be enough.

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