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California Faucets – California Greening, the shower dance and a little self control

Featured post for California Faucets.

There are a number of reasons to love the California Faucets range but we’re going to start with something for the greater good.

California Faucets shower control

California has some of the most stringent water conservation standards in the USA.  And California Faucets have created the first ever thermostatic system that is entirely compliant with them. If you want to know the technical details, it is all to do with having a two way diverter valve with volume control features. Sound clever? It is, and it means you can properly control two separate shower functions, independently, with both delivering up to two gallons a minute.

Did I mention control? Am I the only person here who is familiar with the shower dance? You know, you stand naked as the day you were born, jiggling about while you fiddle with the controls until you get the temperature you want and you plunge in. At that point something happens, I’ve never been sure what, and the lovely, perfect temperature water turns into an icy blast or a steaming torrent. And seriously, bump that shower handle and you could end up being scalded. That’s no fun for us and potentially very serious for a child. That’s all down to something called the ‘pressure balance’ system. Better technology has existed for years. It uses a thermostatic system to get the temperature right and keep it right.  Many bathroom design projects in the US don’t call for them  because it has been too expensive but now California Faucets have introduced StyleTherm with all that thermostatic cleverness but at the same price as the Russian roulette pressure balance system. I know my appreciative audience will miss my shower dance, but hey, that’s progress. And while we are talking about control, another really cool thing about California Faucets is that they let you choose all the components you want and they then design a customized system for you.

Enjoying a California Faucets shower

You want another good reason for loving California Faucets? How about because they are so good looking? The showers, that is, not the staff. That said, I am sure the staff are all gorgeous as well.

You can find the California Faucets range in the Modenus catalog or at California Faucets.


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