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By Appointment to H.M. Queen – Wow! Taps by Barber Wilsons

In honor of the upcoming nuptials (and I think we all know of whom we speak), our gift to the soon-to-be royal couple might be something with as much historical relevance as Buckingham Palace (okay almost as much.)  But really – since 1898, the Barber brothers have been crafting brass works – or plumbing fixtures as they are now known, with an eye towards longevity – literally crafting history.

Barber Wilson has weathered war, economic pitfalls and an ill-fated ‘Ground Nut” scheme in Kenya – where they were entreated to make the largest stockcocks ever!  Moving on from stockcocks, we’d like to talk about their absolutely gorgeous bath fixtures.

Brass, chrome, nickel, porcelain – faceted, round, or lever handles – Barber Wilson’s traditional fixtures still speak to a time when products were made to last.   Is there a person out there who hasn’t longed to soak in a tub – turning the water on and off with their toes?  Okay, maybe that’s my particular daydream; and in this dream, the fixtures are perfectly appointed – just like these.

For more Barber Wilsons taps, something this English we simply cannot call faucets, check out their showcase on Modenus.

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