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BlogTour Sponsor Mr. Steam – Luxury for the 99%

If you’re anything like me, the idea of a personal spa in your home bathroom seemed needlessly extravagant and entirely out of the average person’s price range – cue BlogTour sponsor Mr. Steam to correct this notion. Mr. Steam has made luxury shower systems accessible to all, even debuting a new “Steam@Home” shower system this year that’s specifically designed for homeowners with small budgets and limited bathroom space. For those prone to spending far too long in the shower – guilty – a steam system from Mr. Steam is the perfect way to spoil yourself and create an escape without leaving the house – though you may have to exercise some serious will power to ever leave the bathroom.

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Another exciting new feature is the Online Virtual Spa System which allows people to design their spa system virtually on the Mr. Steam website, selecting size, materials, controls, and finishes. You can preview your custom Mr. Steam spa from the comfort of your home! Mr. Steam is also the shower system of choice for several hotels across the nation and around the globe. Luxury hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton, MGM Grand, and Bellagio proudly feature Mr. Steam products. I think their slogan says it best: “making wellness a way of life.”

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