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In search of serenity – wood and water

outdoor bathroom architecture surrounded by green oasis

I happened upon a discussion on Twitter the other day that was lead by Cindy Frewen Wuellner @Urbanverse who had asked about the purpose of design. My immediate reply was the creation of serenity, a space that is a refuge from noise, both physical and emotional,  that allows us to rest and gather energy to face our daily tasks with renewed vigor. As with all things design related my interpretation of calm and serene is likely to differ from other tastes and styles and I welcome your input via comments or you can send us images (talktous@modenus.com) of interiors that to you are the most peaceful, relaxing, soothing or just the opposite, invigorating and inspiring. But for now please forgive this personal indulgence while I explore wood and water.

luxurious bathtub by open fireplace modern

Warmth – the only thought that comes to mind when combining warm water, warm wood tones, candle light and fire. I can never get enough of fireplaces in bathrooms and this modernist solution is clean lined enough to not take the concept over the top.

sunken tub with wood floor

I want to show this image because I like the combination of the tub sunken into the wood feature and surrounded by pebbles. Again the combination of wood, stone and water touching on our most basic instincts. I will however add that I struggle with the waterfall faucet which will tend to cool the water prematurely and looks like a head injury waiting to happen.

teak shower

Taking Zen to a whole new level is this teak shower by Carmenta. It’s as much the purist quality of the design that I find so attractive as the visual tension that seems to happen when wood and water touch. It’s unexpected and against everything we’ve learned about wood but incredibly calming and warm .

outdoor shower with copper bathtub

Somehow more expected, wood and water when placed outdoors. If you’ve never had a shower or bath under the stars then it’s time you consider it.

bathroom with yoga and a duck!

And finally this. I don’t need the yoga girl in the background to understand that this is indeed a very calming, and stunning, spa design. The view, the water upon water upon water theme all make this space ethereal albeit a bit too complicated in it’s design. Our UK Editor Tim did ask the question why she wouldn’t be looking out at the scenery behind her and his explanation had something to with this being the lesser known ‘Rubber Duck Salutation’. He’s our yoga expert so I’ll leave it at that.

So what do you look for in a bathroom. Calm? Color? Elegance? . Suggestions to tim@modenus.com, please and for more wood and water, see our listings on Modenus!

  • Katherine Hughes

    Obviously, they took the photo with the yoga girl facing the bathroom because the bathroom is more beautiful than the outdoor view. Or at least they think so…


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