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Stairway to heaven: Modern staircases as focal point

For those with a two- or more story abode, one of the key elements is clearly going to be the staircase. Stairs can fullfil the simple function of connection different elevations or they can become a statement piece in their own right. Here are a few creative staircase designs that made us look.

Sensualscaping stairs

Following principles of motion and organic design of the Art Nouveau movement, the staircase flows upwards from the baseboards, and connects floor, wall, steps and railing into one fluid whole. The effect, while still overall traditional, is provocative enough to support minimal furnishings and art in the space.


yellow staircase

This arresting yellow hue is simply fantastic. Painting the stairs and wall the same bright yellow is a creative way to add a pop of color and personality to a modern simple space without having to make any additions or architectural adjustments to a staircase.

Modern Paris Apartment Elle Decor

Last but not least, minimalism done perfectly. This staircase designed by Klavs Rosenfalck, sets the tone for this modernist Parisian apartment. We love the simple organic design, offset by the alternating vertical railings.


Florence von Pelet

Florence is a senior editor at Modenus.com. Aside from her natural passion for interiors, kitchens and baths Florence also leads the way on Modenus’ BlogTours around the world so please follow her on Twitter to get the latest information and inspiration about design trends from around the world.

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