Modenus for Manufacturers

What is Modenus?

Modenus is a networking and resource platform for the interior design community.

What can people do on Modenus?

Site visitors can browse our curated product catalog, search designer-, artisan-, and trade services directories and find inspiration through blogs, Before & Afters and our live event coverage.  Oh yes, and design professionals can create and manage entire projects.

What does this mean for us manufacturers and vendors?

Visitors to Modenus return on a regular basis to read our blogs and find (and share!) new products.  Since we’re the place people come to to find new inspiration for future projects, we think it’s a good idea for manufacturers to engage with these folks through listed products in our catalog but also through our newsletters and featured editorials.  Reaching new clients is not just about making products visible to new buyers and specifiers but to engage them.  It’s a new era for marketing and it’s centered around dialog not monolog.

Modenus uses social media a lot, does that mean we have to – gulp – tweet??

Well that’s a big question.  The short answer is: “It’s up to you”.  Twitter and other social media sites have helped grow Modenus to rank amongst the Top 100,000 sites globally in less than a year which is why we love using them.  When we talk on our social media channels we talk about life, the design industry and a wide variety of products — sometimes tongue in cheek, sometimes serious and because we make it fun and have lots to talk about, people tend to listen.  If you are planning to build a social media platform, we’re a great partner in that we’re always happy to share some of your news with our followers and once the message gets going, it really picks up speed.

So now what?

You can apply now to be a listing manufacturer, or you can get in touch with our sales team.  We’re happy to help you get going with a free trial.

Thanks again for your interest,

Veronika Miller
Founder and CEO MODENUS