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Bastille by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Bastille demonstrates stature and elegance in both design and appearance. Flat, handworked iron bars finished in Pompeii silver are masterfully twisted, textured and arranged to command attention. Finished in a warm silver leaf, the inner candelabra contrasts the cool and industrial framework, creating a unique and surprisingly versatile effect.
Brewery by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

The Brewery pendant, pays homage to the history and craft of draft brewing and the copper brewhouse equipment that was used. Troy Lighting’s Brewery exhibits a reinterpretation of fermentation tank tops and stacks as the lamp shades and fixture structure.
Sierra by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Taking a walk in the forest and gazing up through the trees is the inspiration behind Sierra – a masterpiece of creativity, artistry and craftsmanship. Individually hand-formed iron twigs, with occasional textured buds, twine completely around a central base in perfectly random yet balanced proportions.
Toledo  by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

For anyone wanting to bring a touch of rustic design or industrial chic to their home, Troy Lighting’s Toledo is an excellent choice.  The old silver finish combined with the sturdy printed backplate and metal hang-straight canopy and stem give Toledo a nostalgic flair. 
Union Square  by Troy Lighting

Union Square

Troy Lighting

Uniting industrial design with modern functionality is the Union Square collection by Troy Lighting. Troy’s historical influences and thoughtful detailing imbue each pendant and sconce with an element of authenticity. A robust, handworked iron frame suspends a series of elongated, transparent, smoked glass shades.
Audiophile by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Turning up style with the nostalgic Audiophile collection that manages to be retro and contemporary at the same time – is the latest creation by Troy Lighting. The knurled details of the functional cord-fasteners, hardware and light bulb socket holders are reminiscent of tuning knobs or accessories on high-fidelity audio equipment.
Berlin by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Berlin synthesizes modern contouring and industrial detailing into a pendant with commanding simplicity. An impressive piece of clear, blown glass encases its internal metalwork: a cone-shaped iron mesh screen that encloses a 14-watt LED light source within a globe diffuser.
Crosby  by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

For a dramatic statement in any room, the Crosby Collection is a powerful yet comforting piece. With authentic Topaz glass and a fine-tooled French Iron finish, the Crosby collection is available in wall-mounted, carbon-filament lamps.
Discus by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

The beauty of circular designs are that they suggest a sense of fluid infinity. The contemporary Discus Collection elevates this design principle to new levels by featuring an appealing cylinder-within-a-circle configuration.
Faction by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Faction’s substantial pressed glass tumblers immediately draw attention with their unique faceting and shape. Each tumbler houses a light source, which filters light like a prism to offer a mesmerizing display. The faceted glass pieces are set inside of a forged iron ring.
Tsuki by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Eastern inspiration manifests in the basket-like handworked iron weave of the globe-shaped Tsuki pendant. The meticulously handcrafted sphere finished in a Kokoro bronze, encloses a tightly arranged candelabra center, which appears to float effortlessly therein
Alchemy  by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Alchemy offers an industrial reconfiguration of the classic rise and fall pendant. Its opal white glass diffuser features a distinctly unique flat bottom encircled by a thick band of handworked iron. This iron is textured in vintage bronze to match the coloring of its saucer-like shade
Quantum by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Quantum leaps ahead with modern form and eye-catching appeal. Casting beautifully diffused lighting, an opal glass cylinder shade is held in place by offset, geometric and asymmetrical hand-worked iron arms finished in rich gold leaf
Calliope by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Calliope is a spirited geometric design that plays with angles and structure. A natural linen shade is surrounded by a unique, hand-worked geometric iron frame that seems as if it was pressed downward, creating a horizontal design with peaks that point outward.
Impression by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Impression alternates solid sheet and perforated handworked iron squares in a circular configuration to create a modernist, multidimensional centerpiece.
Cubist by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Inspired by 80’s postmodern design, Cubist offers three dimensions of geometric shapes – but with an unexpected twist. With two versions of the same rectangular prism motif, one set askew inside of the other and alternatively finished in bronze and gold leaf, the pendant can be uniquely viewed from any position, including directly beneath.
Odyssey by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Troy Lighting's Odyssey is an epic adventure into otherworldly lighting design. The mid-century modern design features hand-blown, plated and smoked glass shades, which offer a cool mirrored effect that beautifully diffuses the light.
Apollo by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Upscale sophistication intersects with an industrial design in the new Apollo collection from Troy Lighting. An architecturally-inspired chrome inner framework features two layers of candelabra lamps, surrounded by a layer of plated smoke glass and rows of solid glass rods, which refract the double layers of light in a spectacular display.
Network by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

A new take on architectural design, Network’s random but calculated series of LED light globes create an inviting visual. The surprising wood-like appearance of its framework is created through the crafting of textured iron and forest bronze finish, which lends it an unusually warm feel for such a modern piece.
Tides by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Tides suggests the gentle reach of the surf with its delicate curves and sense of movement. It recalls a time of sophisticated simplicity, when less was more. Made of hand-worked iron and finished in textured white, the wave-like form and feel of motion will add an airy sense of relaxation to any space.
Origami by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Origami turns the precise and intricate practice of the ancient art of folding paper into a three-dimensional, modern masterpiece lighting collection. At first glance the hand-worked iron exterior has a depth and perspective that is unexpected in a metal piece.
Impulse by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Impulse creates a modern centerpiece with classic appeal. Hand-crafted iron is cut into flat strips and bent to create a cage-like saucer shape with the smooth feel of a circle – and the symmetrical edge of geometric angles. The spoke-like exterior surrounds a hand-tooled opal white glass diffuser, seemingly effortlessly matched to the piece.
Hideaway by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

The Hideaway fixture welcomes with an impression of tropical elegance. The delicate, hand-worked iron cage, finished in champagne leaf, creates the look of an open basket weave. The result of the craftsmanship and artisan detailed effort behind this fixture is the kind of tactile texture not typically associated with metal.
Fahrenheit by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Fahrenheit turns up the heat with it’s streamlined appearance and unusual, cylindrical shape. A series of nested and tiered cones are separated just enough to allow light to seep down in unpredictable ways like circular louvers. The outer cone is finished in textured black satin and the inner cones are finished with hand applied gold leaf.

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