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Skylar by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

With its architectural rectangular shape, the Skylar Freestanding Tub Filler with integrated diverter and hand shower is perfect for contemporary or transitional bathrooms with free-standing tub installations.
Vespera by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Vespera pot filler is an architectural (and convenient) addition to the contemporary kitchen. Vespera’s sleek and modern form is complemented by a side-mounted ADA compliant lever handle to control water temperature and flow. Vespera is made of solid brass and is available in 28 unique finishes.
Virginia  by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

Invoking the charming personality of the Southern Gothic ethos, the drooping features of the Virginia collection instill a dramatic, classical style of design.
Sutton by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The classically inspired Sutton collection recalls a fashionably stylized chess set, with circular posts, smoothly flowing cylindrical ducts and a decorative bulb atop each section of the fixture. The thin waists of the towers present an air of romantic mystique, providing a touch of traditionally inspired grace.
Priya by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Priya collection asserts elegance and grace through its curved spout and dynamic appearance. The high-arch spout towers in perfect scale to the rectangular lever controls.
Prezlee by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Prezlee widespread faucet offers architectural style with a brilliant combination of geometric elements balanced in perfect harmony. Its crisp squared profile has an enduring appeal designed for the 21st century.
Bronwen by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Bronwen widespread lavatory faucet features a simple yet sophisticated contemporary aesthetic that brings comfort and clarity to the bathroom. Strong edges complement the spout’s smooth contours, making up this modern, architectural design.
Fairlynn by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Fairlynn widespread faucet is elegantly crafted with a Victorian era spout ideal for a more traditional bath environment. Evoking classic ideals and forms, the long, gently curved spout is accented by traditionally curved and detailed lever handles.
Rydder by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Rydder widespread faucet is a bold yet graceful transitional design that exudes architectural appeal. A square base curves gently to both handles and faucet. The slight curvature of the levers and spout create a charming and organic look.
Anise by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

Anise is a beautifully ornate faucet by Newport Brass. Offering a more romantic and classic aesthetic, fluted grooves run along the handles, accented by handcrafted beadwork and curvaceous levers. The Anise collection is constructed in solid brass and offered in 27 unique finishes.
Jacobean by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Jacobean faucet features a swan neck shaped spout that drifts gracefully to a cylindrical tower, complete with a side lever mixing valve for easy operation. Though the design calls back to the 19th century, the functionality of the Jacobean makes it as modern as any complementary faucet.
Cube 2 by Newport Brass

Cube 2

Newport Brass

Wholly encompassing modern geometric form, the Cube 2 widespread faucet features an architectural balance of cubic elements. The spout, possessing a 90-degree turn, and ADA compliant lever handles are supported by solid cube forms. Each component is machined from solid brass bar stock for durability and structure.
Ithaca by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Ithaca widespread bath faucet embodies transitional style with a unique design all its own. Topped off cylindrical fittings provide a modest charm while the spout protrudes in a direct, cornered fashion. The result is a modern faucet with a retro feel, capable of accomplishing a wide variety of stylistic goals.
Kayan by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

Bold lines juxtapose gentle curves in the Kayan collection by Newport Brass. Constructed from solid brass, the Kayan widespread faucet features ADA compliant lever handles and is offered in 27 unique finish variations.
Fairfield by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

Fairfield mixes classic design with modern craftsmanship. With a choice of ADA compliant ornamental cage handles or more traditional cross handles, the traditionally focused collection offers users great flexibility to match the interior design goals of their space.
Keaton by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Keaton faucet evokes a vibrant and unique style of minimalist design with a unified set of cylinders merged together at 90-degree angles. Its tall, commanding tower is punctuated by its spout, which extends directly over the basin. Atop the tower resides the mixing lever, fashioned to cap off the design and provide ease of use.
East Square by Newport Brass

East Square

Newport Brass

Multiple layers of sleek cylindrical tubing make up East Square, a modern design that instills a serene feeling of functionality and form in the bath space. Square angles add a level of sophistication and precision to the room, making it ideal for any contemporary area.
Colorado by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

Gentle curves soften Colorado’s cubic forms, resulting in a fluid style that matches its purpose. The slight curvature of the levers and spout create a charming and organic look.
Chesterfield by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Chesterfield bridge faucet is available with cross-handles or levers with matching accessories for the kitchen. In addition, users can select spout and bridge options. Spouts feature a high-arching curve or the more nostalgically shaped water spigot design. The adjoining of the bridge body can be either horizontal or curved.
Alveston by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

Smooth curves and classical styling make the transitional Alveston collection fitting for a wide array of bathroom designs. The widespread faucet features a flowing spout complemented by ADA compliant traditional cross handles with hexagonal bases.
Astor by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Astor collection measures from 6" high from countertop to topside of the hexagonal arc spout and the spout’s angular planes follow the form continuously until reaching the aerator. Astor’s handles offer a “bonnet and stem” inspired appearance evoking an older design. Handle options include ADA compliant lever or cross styles.
Skylar by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Skylar faucet offers endless possibilities with a vibrant combination of square and rectangular shapes. The column continues to rise and meet with the faucet’s solid flat brass mixing lever, emulating a smaller version of the spout and giving the design a geometric appearance ideal for contemporary interiors.
Secant by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

The Secant faucet exemplifies geometric form by merging a rectangular square column with a dramatic arching, flat-curved spout. The mixing lever rises from the back as a thin cylinder, which allows precise control over water flow and temperature while adding an alluring touch to this visually striking design.
Aylesbury by Newport Brass


Newport Brass

Classically styled with just a touch of modernism, the Aylesbury widespread faucet from Newport Brass is well-suited for both traditional and contemporary interiors – and anything in between. Its flared, wide-shaped spout emerges from a traditional, cylindrical tower, which is complemented by ADA compliant cross handles.

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