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Taft by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

In our Taft family, we offer a clean-lined, smooth update on a classic vanity fixture. LED technology ensures long-lasting light in accordance with the latest energy efficiency standards.
Sumner by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

The hanging globe—half opaque white glass diffuser, half metallic shell—is a perennial favorite. Sumner is available in three pendant sizes and new modern brass finish, which evokes a more vibrant, natural brassy tone, as well as old bronze and polished nickel finish.
Solaris by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Solaris is an ode to the 60’s larger scale pieces. A cluster of arms branch out in an adjustable spread to create harmony, balance and poise. Diamond-shaped perforations accentuate the rim of each conical shade, the implied lines of which continue like interrupted hourglasses.
Rutherford by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Rutherford applies timeless design principles to a beautiful flush mount setting. Translucent glass panes ensure none of the light gets lost. Handsome details such as the tactile ridged thumbscrews and two metal balls affixed to the canopy reward close attention. The corkscrew filament visible through the round bulb adds a touch of vintage allure.
Royale by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

This scroll of light uses LED technology and is tailored to ADA specifications. Baubles of rock crystal adorn this supple cylinder on either end, making it a beautiful addition to a luxury bath or vanity setting while the supporting bar in back contours the shape of the cylinder. Available in two sizes and two finishes.
Pierre by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Art Deco panache emanates from the mirrored backplate of Pierre. Mirrors were seen as the height of glamour when they were introduced to Louis XIV’s court from Venice. Whether it’s the Paris of the 20s or the Sun King, that glamour is alive and well and reflected in our Pierre sconce. Available in aged brass or polished nickel.
Malcom by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Malcolm offers a modern adaptation of an Art Deco-style lighting fixture of the sort one might find in a 1930’s movie theater. Both practical and luxurious, Malcolm is a bath bar that mounts either vertically or horizontally. Its white diffuser softens the glow, making for a better reflection by putting you in your best light.
Lourdes by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Lourdes offers a beautiful old-fashioned sconce in a uniquely modern form. We’ve whittled away the fussiness and brought lamp and arm close to the wall.
Liberty by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Our dynamic Liberty gives the appearance of a star-burst shooting across the sky. The core of matte-black metal is banded around the middle with a flashing contrast from the piece’s finish, either aged brass or polished nickel.
Knowles by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Smooth and sophisticated, Knowles is an intricate piece with soft, organic bends, evoking a sense of wave-like motion. With a tip of the hat to the Vienna Workshops and the Bauhaus School, metals and glass work together along with a multitude of finely crafted pieces, to create a single fixture filled with balance and grace.
Laszlo by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Laszlo makes a stunning first impression. A polished, tightly-scaled candelabra resides at center. Contrasting it in a dizzying geometric frame are two overlapping triangles in textured black metal. Traditional lamping and avant-garde abstraction juxtapose in a fixture whose allure brings [us] into the now.
Julien by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Julien manages to feel at once mid-century modern and futuristic. Its textured black and metal contrast, its satellite shades, and its LED bulbs make it an attractive and environmentally conscious choice. The signature piece in this collection is a three-bulb surface mount.
Hyde Park by Hudson Valley Lighting

Hyde Park

Hudson Valley Lighting

Hyde Park is detailed. Along the top and bottom of each rod is a knurled section of machined brass. In the hanging versions, this knurled quality is echoed in a thick handsome band around each of the candle cups. Wall and flush mounts enclose dimmable light emitting diodes(LEDs) in a white glass diffuser, surrounded by these elegant rods.
Hugo by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Hugo’s slim lines and delicate proportions cause its shade to stand out: a white diffuser surrounded by a brick-like pattern in metal. Chic and minimal, Hugo adds a level of sophistication and a layer of light to any room it adorns. Available as a single or double light sconce in aged brass, old bronze, or polished nickel.
Hayes by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Hayes encapsulates an LED-powered light bulb in a frosted white glass tube; Machine Age metal mesh surrounds this column of light and is held aloft by a black fabric cord.
Halycon by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson Valley Lighting commemorates Josef Hoffman's vision (from the Vienna Workshops) by adding detail such as Halycon’s fitter, with its diamond perforation in metal that is so reminiscent of their patterns and textures. The result is a domestic item lifted to the status of art.
Fleming by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

A nod to the Jazz Age, Fleming is a study in smooth tones and spontaneous edges with arms that almost look like trumpets ready to play. The piece is a stunning modernist arrangement of converging x-y axes, containing a slight allusion to the Bauhaus in the in the obloid shape of its shades.
Dubois by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Using the art of lost-wax casting to achieve greater depth and detail, Dubois accomplishes a rich basketweave texture. This fixture expands a room’s textural palette while adding space-conservative accent light. Available in a single or double light wall sconce and a variety or finishes.
Cooper by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Cooper applies soft-triangle shades of blown glass to LED-fitted stems with mid-century verve. Cooper combines Japanese influence and European sensibility to form a smart fixture. Adding not only angles, but a more residential appropriate size and multi-directional design, Cooper has updated a retro look with brilliance.
Buckingham by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Buckingham’s articulated arms hinge on swivel-detailed joints. What goes up must come down; Buckingham’s design follows this natural principle, resulting in a kind of striking symmetry. This fixture includes adjustable manual details, hand-stitched shades and the three rich finish choices (Aged Brass, Old Bronze, and Polished Nickel).
Astoria by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Delight in simplicity and symmetry with the Astoria family. Bubbles of light balance on and balloon forth from trumpets of cast metal. Opal-etched glass diffusers poise in balanced rows, above and below, along a wheel of light, concealing LED bulbs.
Chesterfield by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Mixed materials come together in an elegant balance in Chesterfield. Dark iron rings intersect square brass arms, creating a lantern-like reversed teardrop shape with teardrop lock ups at its base. In the center, a small candelabra is suspended inside. The cube detail beneath the loop-holder sets the stage, dividing the piece into quadrants.
Barron by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

The Barron collection applies this solution of layered, curved shades to light fixtures with a floral bent. Finely textured and painted black on the outside, with a metal finish on the inside, Barron’s shades are a visual delight in person. Opal-etched diffusers nested in pairs within each shade further soften and diffuse the light.
Ballston by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

The quatrefoil enjoyed frequent use in Gothic and Renaissance cathedrals. The Ballston pendant takes the quatrefoil and adds even more glamour by adorning it in multifaceted walls of crystal beads, which allow the concealed light source to sparkle brilliantly. Finishing touches include a quatrefoil-shaped finial, canopy and chain details.

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